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Raleigh's Diary

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a dog? Can you imagine what life is like living with a pop superstar like Clay....If only Raleigh could talk, what tales would she be able to tell us?

Well here in Raleigh's Diaries we try to imagine what Raleigh would share with us about her life with Clay. This is a fictionalized account of Clay's very cute and popular dog's life. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into Raleigh's world. The stories are archived and you can click on the link on the right to see them.

Thanks to Jude for all the stories...

Who is Raleigh?

My name is Raleigh Aiken, and I am a very famous dog. Not every dog can be famous. Some dogs are not very pretty or not very smart, or they don't own humans who do much of anything. And some dogs are very lazy or silly, and those are the kind who spend their days sleeping and eating and licking their human or their own paws every chance they get. Okay, I do all those things, too, but I also do stuff that most dogs don't, like go to Tour in The Bus and go onstage and have humans smack their paws together when they see me. Humans love me! And that's why I'm famous. Well, that, and becoss my human is My Clay Aiken, the best howler in the world!

I kinda wish I was as famous for howling as My Clay is, but I'm not. I'm famous because I belong to My Clay. But My Clay says that every dog is special, even the ones who don't howl or don't have a famous human. Becoss it doesn't really matter if you're famous or not. What matters is if you're a Good Dog who doesn't bite anybody, even when they deserve it.

Sometimes it's hard for me to be a Good Dog, but most of the time I think I am. Except maybe when I go potty on the floor. But that doesn't count, right?


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