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Fun With Clay

We have four areas to explore in our Fun Section: 

Let's Laugh 

has riddles, jokes, more jokes, funny song lyrics, fun factoids, and some tongue twisters. 

Want to be artistic? 

has information about origami, sketching, homemade art, fan art and coloring pages for you to try.

Let's Play Games 

has links to websites where you can play games and there are even some games your parents will know. We also have a page for Clay jigsaw puzzles.

Raleigh's Corner 

is named after Clay's dog Raleigh. It has pet information, safety tips and is also the section where you will find the "Cluppy Diaries." These are imaginary journal entries made by Raleigh, Clay's puppy which give a fun and humorous look into Clay's world according to his favorite furry friend.