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Special Education

This is our 'classroom' for special education. Our goal is to help you understand a little bit about what "special needs" are and what extraordinary things some of the people who live with them can do. Here is one good page to start with.

Learn About Each Other

  • What are the different kinds of special needs you might find in our classroom?
  • Let's learn a little about each other.
  • This section is all about what "special needs" means and who might be needing some special attention.

About autism:

About kids in wheelchairs:

About communication disabilities:

Books for kids about disabilities :

Good site for disability awareness for kids:

About color blindness:

Special Needs – What exactly does it mean?

Just because we are different – a think quest site written by children about disabilities

Life Stories

People with disabilities can lead fulfilling and amazing lives. Some became very famous such as Helen Keller who though both blind and deaf was a known speaker and author and Louis Braille who developed a language to help generations to come. Others are still developing their stories like Will McCarthy. Here are some more stories about famous people with various kinds of disabilities.


Signing is a form of communication which is used when people have problems using verbal communication. This section is all about learning how to sign.

Here is a cool page about sign language. Do you know how to do sign language? If you do not, here is the link to learn how. To learn Sign Language you can click here. After you learn, you can even practice on the site to see how well you did.