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Eastern Europe

Sometimes, the history of Eastern Europe, which includes Russia, Poland, Hungary, the Ukraine, and other nearby countries, is included in the general study of Europe, as a whole. The history of Eastern Europe is, however, different in several respects. Russia itself is a huge country, extending across much of the northern half of the Eurasian landmass. Russia, and other parts of Eastern Europe, have been invaded by Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Adolf Hitler. The expansive tundras of northern Siberia are some of the harshest and most desolate places in the world, and yet people live there.

In this section you will learn about Catherine the Great and Ivan the Terrible. You will read about Polish struggles for independence, and the rich cultural heritage of the city of Krakow. You will read about the real "Count Dracula." You will find out how and why Russia became the central power of what was called the Soviet Union, and why the Soviet Union became the rival of the United States in a "Cold War" that spanned four decades. In reading this section, you will become familiar with the cultural, political, and social history of Eastern Europe.