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Central America

Central America is a region that is filled with tales of gold and kings, of conquest and survival. It is a land of thick jungles, ancient pyramids, arid plateaus, and white sand beaches. It is a place where the melding of Spanish and Native American cultures created a new people. Some of the oldest civilizations in the Western Hemisphere, the Aztec and the Maya, lived in this area. The islands of the Caribbean, a part of central America, were what Columbus encountered when he thought he was discovering the Indies -- the same islands where pirates later sailed their ships in hopes of capturing Spanish galleons filled with treasure.

In this section you will learn about the ancient civilizations of Central America. You will learn about the Spanish conquest of the Aztec, and of later Mexican independence. You will find out about the building of the Panama Canal and the Haitian Revolution. Most importantly, you will find out about the societies and cultures--the men and women---that helped to shape the history of the region we refer to as Central America.