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In 2003, my children and I turned on a television show and found we were fascinated by a man with an engaging personality and an even bigger voice. Through the years, we've become most fond of his courage and passion. I started this site not long after Clay entered our lives on American Idol. It began with an idea to create a kid-friendly safe environment. I hope it has become a site for fans of all ages. 

Through the years I have had a lot of wonderful help. This site is and hopefully always will be a work in progress...but some people have been instrumental in helping me get here. Fran, Deb, Ressa, Rebecca and Ansa spent numerous hours helping me in the beginning. I cannot thank them enough for all the support.

I need to give special thanks to Fountaindawg for everything she has done for the site. I honestly would not have undertaken the job of cataloging Clay's history without her. This past year, FD passed over the duties to Clayscience who is now our chief historian.  

Many thanks to Jude for the Cluppy Diaries and to Ressa for the wonderful logo and for all her work with me doing banners and graphics.

Thanks to all the fans and fan boards for their dedication, pictures, and support, there really are too many places and people I grab things from for me to list all of them.

Last, but not least, thanks to Clay for giving us the reason to do this and for always being the best role model.

Clayaikenkids.com is not an official website. This is a fan site that is not sponsored, approved or authorized by Clay Aiken. Clayaikenkids.com is not affiliated in any way with Clay Aiken, RCA, 19 Entertainment, FOX, American Idol, idolonfox.com, SAM, Clique, Decca Records, Universal Records or any other group associated with Clay Aiken. All views expressed within this site are solely the opinions of the individuals who state them, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the owner(s) and Clayaikenkids.com. The owner(s) and Clayaikenkids.com are not responsible for the opinions expressed in different areas of Clayaikenkids.com, nor in sites linked to Clayaikenkids.com. Although our website includes Clay's name, it is not officially endorsed by him. This site serves as a non-profit scholarly work which documents the career of Clay Aiken. Some illustrations and words are the creation of others that have appeared in other publications. Their inclusion in this site is not intended as an infringement of their copyright in any way, but rather is done in the interest of documenting and reviewing pieces of pop culture history.

If you ever need to contact me for any reason, please email me at clayaikenkids@gmail.com