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Spamalot Promotion

Broadway was very very good to Clay. This is only some of the promotion he had during his stint with Spamalot.

Please check out our Broadway page for more details.

10/08 - Spamalot ads popped up throughout the busy month of October.

In September 2008, Spamalot rolled out the promotion for Clay's return

On 4/13/08, A Spamalot Webisode was released on Clear Channel websites. Clay spoke about how challenging it was to prepare for his role in Spamalot. He also spoke about his upcoming cd and how overdue new material was.

Some March tidbits from Spamalot. Spamalot marked it's 3rd Anniversary with special glasses, Bus Ads were prevalent. Newsletters were sent out about the great reviews and Spring Break brought even more crowds.

On 2/7/08 Spamalot introduces merchandise with Clay as Sir Robin. This merchandise includes a button and t-shirt.

Autographs, autographs, autographs. After each show fans crowd Shubert alley trying to get the performers autographs. There is a souvenir book with a huge poster of Clay which many fans choose to get signed and of course the playbill. Here are some autographs.

1/14/08 - During the week prior to opening on Spamalot there were many articles that appeared. Most of them discussed his Newsweek interview and were edited versions of that. Some of this promotion included CNN, WRAL, USA Today and the New York Post.

In December 2007 there were a number of great promotional items used. The Spamalot website used Clay's picture for an e-card for Christmas. There was a full page ad in the NY Times and there were flyers given out at Clay's concerts.

November 15, 2007 - Spamalot Grail Mail sent out notice to their subscribers that Clay would be in the show. They also announced that there would be a Spamalot float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

On October 16, 2007 The Spamalot website announces that Clay is joining the cast.