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Photo Shoots

Clay has definitely had a number of different looks over the years. Here are a few wallpapers Fountaindawg has made from some of the photo shoot pictures we were lucky enough to uncover.
I also have included some slide shows I have of various photo shoots. If you have photos you would like to add, please let me know.

Eric Ogden Photos

Andrew Macpherson Photos

Brian Appio Photos

Wow Magazine Photo Shoot

Kevin Scott Hees

Matthew Rollston

BAF photos with Mike and Diane Bubel


During the first week of May, several promo pics from the Vincent Soyez photo shoot surfaced around the web. A series of three shots taken on the train car at the American Tobacco Campus made for a fun game of 'Find the Differences'. A shot at Treyburne Country Club had the photoshoppers trying to decide whether it was an actual shot or a construct.

Photographer David Jacobs released a new book of celebrity portraits in November 2009. Entitled 'Close", the pictures are close-up shots of a wide variety of celebrities. The pictures were originally part of his newspaper column "On the Scene ... With David Jacobs"

4/9/08 - Two great photos were found on the RCA site

On 1/23/08, some pictures were released along with a Yahoo AP article.

In September 2006, Clay had some new pictures taken that showed up on various radio stations and tour venues.

8/30/06 - Matt Sayles posted a series of pictures of Clay on his website.

In April, one of Clay's style team wrote on their website about attending a photo shoot in Aspen. On August 8, 2005 pictures surfaced in the portfolio of photographer Mary Ellen Matthews.

11/18/04 - Photos surfaced taken for the upcoming TV Guide spread

11/12/04 - Two extra photos of Clay and his mother Faye Parker appeared from the People Special Edition Photo Shoot

9/04 - In September of 2004 these pictures from the People photoshoot appeared online

3/13/04 - A series of Andrew Macpherson photos appeared as part of a series done for MTV/VH1

12/16/03 - Clips from a Kevin Hees Photoshoot appeared on a variety of programs including Entertainment Tonight, A&E Biography, and CNN's People in the News