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The official Clay Aiken Facebook page is located here


Audio from the first complete songs from 'Tried & True' was posted at Facebook. The songs were the Frankie Valli 1960s hit 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' and the Johnny Mathis classic ballad 'Misty'.


The fan site for Linda Eder on Facebook included many posts from fans eager to hear the Linda/Clay duet of 'Crying' from 'Tried & True'.

Team Clay had a fun little contest on Facebook. Several recent photos were posted. Fans could 'tag' any one of the pics and a winner would be randomly chosen to receive an autographed photo.


"Tried & True" Sales Go International

Fans in the far east finally had a chance to buy Clay's new album. Information from Japan, Korea & Indonesia came in via Twitter & Facebook postings,

Some North American fans like to collect international versions of Clay's CDs.