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Obviously all the television appearances, magazine articles, radio interviews and banners with Clay's name on them could be considered promotion. In an effort to organize it, we have made some separate pages for specific promotion.


Fountaindawg's Recaps


Both 'Pause & Play' and 'New Music Tipsheet' listed 'Tried And True' among the up-coming releases for June. NMT has two items listed, keeping fans hoping for a concert DVD at last!

Amazon.com listing for Tried and True
On 4/17/08, Walmart stores put up links to a special edition of Clay's new cd, On My Way Here. It will include a bonus track.

RCA sent out an email about Clay's upcoming album
On 3/21/08, The cover art for Clay's new cd, "On My Way Here" appeared on Amazon.com
In January, once the initial release was over, Sony/BMG featured Clay's album A thousand different ways in their sale flyer.


In October there was a promotional video and a publicity photo that made it's way to the public and someone captured a photo of a sales display in Korea.


On 9/18/06, Clay fans around the US and Canada and even some in Singapore gathered together at midnight to celebrate the release of Clay's cd, A thousand different ways.

ATDW Promotion
Jukebox Tour promo started
9/04 - 10/04

In Sept and October Clay did lots of publicity for the 'Aladdin' release
 9/03 - 10/03

Promotion for Measure of a Man
 7/03 - 8/03

Promotion for the AI2 Tour
 Late May 2003

Various Ruben and Clay promotion took place right after the show finale.