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DateDescriptionFD /CS RecapMore Info HereSongs Included
DateDescriptionFD /CS RecapMore Info HereSongs Included
January 27, 2012 Pauseandplay.com alerted fans that the cover art had been posted for "Steadfast CS Recap 2012 News  
January 26, 2012 New Upcoming Album - Steadfast! We learned of this new album by a tweet from the site http://www.pauseandplay.com. The Amazon listing confirmed an album due to be released on March 27, 2012. The label is Decca U.S. Clay confirmed the album via his fan club blog. The album will be a mixture of Tried and True songs and some new recordings of songs he's performed on tour as well as the new song "Bring Back My Love." The album can be ordered at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Steadfast-Clay-Aiken/dp/B0071WQ8JW/ It's also available at http://amazon.ca CS Recap 2012 News  
December 20, 2011 Dec 20, 2011 Bring Back My Love was released for sale on Amazon and itunes in the U. S. and Canada. It rapidly rose up the charts. The wallpaper shows a snap shot of the "movers and shakers" chart, which are songs that rise quickly on Amazon. CS Recap   
December 9, 2011 Bring Back My Love On Dec. 9, http://amazon.com posted this mp3 download order page. This mp3 download is available Dec. 20, 2011 on http://amazon.com, http://amazon.ca, and itunes. The label is listed as Decca Crossover. The song is listed at 4 min 8 seconds long. Check it out here! http://www.amazon.com/Bring-Back-My-Love/dp/B006JHYG4E/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1324345872&sr=8-11 CS Recap 2011 News  
December 8, 2011 December 8, 2011 FM station WAJK in La Salle, Illinois posted a snippet of Clay's new song as part of a song battle with Ingrid Michaelson. This was our first introduction to the title - "Bring Back My Love." The snippet was 55 seconds. Clay's song won this song battle, as well as the battles on the next four nights and was "retired." WAJK is a station that features hot adult contemporary "HAC" music. CS Recap   
October 20, 2010 iTunes Essentials The iTunes website added Clay to their 'essentials' files. His music is sorted into three categories: The Basics Next Steps Complete Set: combination of both above groups Both individual groups include songs across the spectrum of his albums, including both RCA & Decca releases. Fd Recap 2010 News  
September 6, 2010 'Tried & True' International Sales & Charts A fan in Korea snapped pictures of the album well stocked on store shelves. "It's Impossible" was getting airplay on several Indonesian radio stations and showed up as high as #5 on area charts. Fd Recap   
June 14, 2010 As mentioned previously, 'Tried & true' opened with solid placements on several Billboard charts. Thanks to fan NY4Clay for the scans of the print edition of the magazine. These charts can be found in the issue dated June 19, 2010 which hit the news stands early that week. FD Recap   
June 10, 2010 June 10, 2010 First Week Reports: 'Tried & True' Considering the downturn in CD sales, a change of label & a 'new lane' among musical genres, Clay's new album did well in its first week of sales. 'Tried & True' ranked 9th on the 'Billboard Top 200 Albums' chart. That placement made Clay the first AI grad to place five of their albums in the Top 10! This new stage of Clay's career is off to a good start. The album ranked #2 among 'Internet Albums'. It also came in at #21 among 'Digital Albums'. FD Recap   
December 31, 2009 At year's end, Billboard did a comparison among the sales for debut CDs from all of American Idol's first & second place finishers. Clay still sits at the top of the heap. In accumulated sales to date for initial CDs from that same group of contestants, Clay's 'Measure of a Man' is second only to Carrie Underwood's "Some Hearts" album. In their look back at the decade from 2000 to 2009, Billboard ranked the Idol television show third among the 50 Top moments because of its continuing impact on both television rankings and music sales. Only the death of Michael Jackson & the iPod were ranked higher. FD Recap   
December 11, 2009 Decade-End Charts: Billboard magazine produces annual lists of the best sellers in a wide range of musical genres. Since 2009 is the end of a decade, they also produced the 'End of the Decade' lists for sales from 2000 through 2009. Clay appeared on six of those lists! Considering the number of albums released over the past ten years, that's a great accomplishment. Singles (Physical CDs. Downloads not included.) Singles Sales Artists: Clay Aiken # 7 Single Sales: This Is the Night/Bridge Over Troubled Water # 5 Albums: Holiday Albums: Merry Christmas With Love #10 Christian Albums: Merry Christmas With Love #12 Billboard 200 Artists: Clay Aiken #120 Billboard 200 Albums: Measure of a Man #170 FD Recap 2009 News  
October 21, 2009 On Oct. 21st, Amazon.com listed the 10 albums that had the highest number of pre-orders in its history. Clay's "A Thousand Different Ways" was #10 on that list. Back in January 2007 they had listed "Measure of a Man" as one of the Top 10 at that time. It was ahdea of ATDW which had been released the preceding September. The two lists contradict each other with regards to Clay's pre-orders. MoaM outsold ATDW by a huge margin, so the 2007 list seems to be more accurate with regard to his CDs. fd recap 2009 News  
August 10, 2009 On August 10/09, a notice was posted at the Official fan club stating that Clay had signed a recording deal with Decca records of the Universal group. A new CD in the first half of 2010 would be their first collaboration. FD Recap 2009 Year at a Glance  
March 31, 2009 Sony records announced the release of new entries in their Legacy Playlist series. 'The Very best of Clay Aiken' would be released at the end of March. It would include only material previously released on his other albums. FD Recap Albums Ashes, A Thousand Days, The Way, Bridge Over Troubled Water, On My Way Here, This is The Night, Solitaire, Here You Come Again, Measure of a Man, The Real Me, Something About Us, Invisible, On The Wings of Love, Mary, Did You Know 
February 28, 2009 February Odds and Ends: Entertainment Weekly announces end of Clay's Relationship with RCA  FD Recap   
January 13, 2009 'Radio & Records' internet site had Clay listed as the top person on their AC 'Hit Predictor' list. Fd Recap   
January 13, 2009 WHLI, a radio station in New York, had "On My Way Here" on their Top 50 albums of 2008! Fd Recap   
December 31, 2008 Moonhead tracked the number of spins Clay's Christmas songs received during the 2008 season FD Recap   
November 18, 2008 A Soft Rock Christmas CD is released by Target Stores FD Recap Compilations and Duets Silver Bells with Kimberley Locke and Clay Aiken 
August 13, 2008 Super Hero, a Korean release includes On My Way Here FD Recap Compilations and Duets On My Way Here 
May 6, 2008 Clay participated in an album signing at the Virgin Megastore in NYC FD Recap   
May 6, 2008 On My Way Here is released FD Recap Albums on my way here, ashes, everything i don't need, something about us, falling, where I draw the line, the real me, weight of the world, as long as we're here, sacrificial love, grace of God, lover all alone 
April 24, 2008 A Korean fan posted screencaps from a Korean CD sales site. Clay was #3 in top albums chart and #1 on the pop chart FD Recap   
April 22, 2008 On My Way Here became available to download from different on-line sites FD Recap   
March 28, 2008 On My Way Here makes it's way across the borders for pre-order FD Recap   
March 6, 2008 Clay's album shot to #1 on Amazon. It didn't take but a few hours FD Recap   
March 5, 2008  Clay's album went up for presale on Amazon FD Recap   
January 1, 2008 Billboard released a list of the top selling Christian Catalog albums. Clay's Merry Christmas with Love earned fourth spot among older albums FD Recap   
December 4, 2007 All is Well is released on iTunes FD Recap Singles and EP's  
November 16, 2007 The fanclub announced that Clay's ep from last year would be available December 4th, 2007 for download on iTunes. FD Recap   
June 5, 2007 Crooner's Christmas includes What are You Doing New Year's Eve? FD Recap Compilations and Duets What are You Doing, New Years Eve? 
February 15, 2007 ATD video premieres on Clear Channel Stations  Videos and Webisodes  
January 30, 2007 You're Beautiful - This Sony BMG Canada compilation CD included 'Without You" from Clay's 2006 album, "A Thousand Different Ways". FD Recap Compilations and Duets Without You 
January 15, 2007 A Thousand Days was sent to radio    
December 26, 2006 "Invisible" was included on an import compilation CD from Japan called "hearful lovesongs to you" FD Recap Compilations and Duets Invisible 
November 28, 2006 All is Well is released as a Wal-Mart exclusive FD Recap Singles and EP's All is Well, Christmas Waltz, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, My Grown-up Christmas List 
September 19, 2006 A Thousand Different Ways debuts at #2 FD Recap Albums Right Here Waiting, Lonely No More, Without You, Every time you go away , Sorry seems to be the hardest word , When I See You Smilem A Thousand Days, Everything I Do ( I Do It For You) , Because You Loved Me, I Want to Know What Love Is, These Open Arms, Here You Come Again, Everything I Have. Broken Wings, Bonus Tracks: Lover All Alone, If You Don't Know Me By Now  
September 18, 2006 Without You is sent to radio FD Recap  Without You 
June 21, 2006 Clay retains Top Spot for Sales of AI First Singles FD Recap  This is the Night 
December 31, 2005 'Merry Christmas With Love' was the 'Best Selling Christian Album of 2005' FD Recap   
October 15, 2005 'Merry Christmas With Love' was named 'Outstanding Yule CD' at the fifth annual American Christian Music Awards.  Fd Recap Award list  
October 4, 2005 WOW Christmas includes Mary, Did You Know? Fd Recap Compilations and Duets Mary, Did You Know? 
March 22, 2005 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Compilation CD includes Invisible FD Recap Compilations and Duets Invisible 
February 15, 2005 Disney Mania 3 Compilation CD includes Proud of Your Boy FD Recap Compilations and Duets Proud of Your Boy 
December 1, 2004 Merry Christmas with Love had very impressive first week sales. It was the top holiday album, the top Christian album and the fourth top debut on the top 200 char FD Recap   
November 29, 2004 Selling strongly from the day of its release, Merry Christmas With Love ended up as the ' Best Selling Christmas Album of 2004' FD Recap Award list  
November 16, 2004 Merry Christmas with Love was released FD Recap Albums O Holy Night, Winter Wonderland, Silent Night, Hark the Herald Angels Sing/O Come All Ye Faithful, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Mary, Did You Know, Joy to the World, The Christmas Song, Don't Save it All for Christmas Day, Merry Christmas With Love, Sleigh Ride, What Are You Doing New Year's Eve 
October 9, 2004 On October 9, 2004 a fan discovered the new NBC Christmas compilation CD 'Sounds of the season 2004' at her local Target store. The CD had a lovely version of 'Mary Did You Know', which would also appear on Clay's 'Merry Christmas With Love' CD which was to be released in November. FD Recap Compilations and Duets Mary, Did You Know 
July 27, 2004 Kids Picks Hit Mix 2 includes This is the Night FD Recap Compilations and Duets This Is The Night 
July 26, 2004 I Will Carry You was sent to radio FD Recap  I Will Carry You 
May 4, 2004 May 4, 2004: Kimberley Locke released her first CD, "One Love". It included a duet with Clay on a song called "Without You".  FD Recap Compilations and Duets Without You 
May 4, 2004 Totally Hits 2004 includes Invisible FD Recap Compilations and Duets Invisible 
March 16, 2004 The second single from Measure of a Man was released FD Recap Singles and EP's The Way, Solitaire 
February 3, 2004 The Way was sent to radio FD Recap  The Way 
November 1, 2003 Measure of a Man entered the Billboard 200 chart at #1 FD Recap   
October 14, 2003 American Idol: The Great Holiday Classics was released. Clay's The First Noel and Silver Bells, a duet with Kimberley Locke, are included on the CD. FD Recap Compilations and Duets The First Noel, Silver Bells (duet with Kimberley Locke) 
October 14, 2003 First full length CD released - Measure of A Man FD Recap Albums Invisible, I Will Carry You, The Way, When You Say You Love Me, No More Sad Song, Run To Me, Shine, I Survived You, This Is The Night, Perfect Day, Measure of A Man, Touch 
October 7, 2003 Clay's song This is the Night appeared on a compilation CD called Totally Hits 2003 FD Recap Compilations and Duets This is the Night 
June 28, 2003 This Is The NIght enters the Billboard 100 at #1 FD Recap  This Is The Night 
June 10, 2003 First single is released FD Recap Singles and EP's Bridge Over Troubled Water, This Is The Night 
April 29, 2003 AI2 Compilation Album released, charity single released Fd Recap Discography On the Wings of Love - Album, What the World Needs Now - Single 
April 15, 2003 God Bless the USA single released FD Recap Singles and EP's God Bless The USA 
 Pauseandplay.com alerted fans that the cover art had been posted for "Steadfast." CS Recap   
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