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DateDescriptionFountaindawg RecapLocation on Site
March 15, 2011 RCA released an American Idol 10th Anniversary album. Clay's "Invisible" was included as track 3. CS Recap Compilations and Duets 
November 9, 2010 Sony Music Special Products has a "Super Hits" series featuring hits from various Sony artists. They released a Clay Aiken CD in this series. CS Recap Albums 
October 27, 2010 "Melodies of Christmas: Men of Christmas" Compilation CD Released Oct. 27, 2010 Includes Clay's version of 'The Christmas Song'. FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
September 28, 2010 Sony Legacy released a special CD package called "X2: Clay Aiken." This included a copy of Measure of a Man and a copy of A Thousand Different Ways. These CDs are the same as the individual CDs. There were no CD notes included with the package other than a track list. CS Recap Albums 
August 3, 2010 "Summer Belongs To You" Phineas & Ferb TV Special Compilation CD Disney Music Features the Clay Aiken/Chaka Khan duet "I Believe We Can". FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
June 1, 2010 With arrival of the new CD on the doorstep, here's a look back at Clay's CD Release History. Included are only the full-length albums released during his RCA era and the first from Decca Records. Excluded are the two compilations of older tracks released by RCA after Clay parted ways with the company. FD Recap Albums 
November 23, 2009 Nov. 23/09: 'Yule Be Merry' was a compilation CD available at 'Pier 1 Imports' stores across the USA. Twelve Christmas tracks by various artists included Clay's version of 'Sleigh Ride'. fd recap Compilations and Duets 
October 27, 2009 AT the end of October, Sony Music Canada released a series of Christmas CDs. Each had 10 tracks and focused on a specific theme. (Favorites, Classics, Country, Jazz, Classical & Pop) The "Superstar Christmas Pop Hits" edition included Clay's version of 'The First Noel'. fd recap Compilations and Duets 
March 31, 2009 Sony records announced the release of new entries in their Legacy Playlist series. 'The Very best of Clay Aiken' would be released at the end of March. It would include only material previously released on his other albums. FD Recap Albums 
December 1, 2008 "RCA Holiday Sampler" Compilation CD RCA/Sony Includes "Mary Did You Know". Fd Recap Compilations and Duets 
November 18, 2008 A Soft Rock Christmas CD is released by Target Stores FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
August 13, 2008 Super Hero, a Korean release includes On My Way Here FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
August 1, 2008 "Music Around the World - Sampler" Compilation CD Crysalis Music Includes "Grace of God" from "On My Way Here". FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
May 6, 2008 On My Way Here is released FD Recap Albums 
December 4, 2007 All is Well is released on iTunes FD Recap Singles and EP's 
December 1, 2007 "Christmas Superstars" Compilation CD created for Rite-Aid stores, USA December 2007 Includes "Winter Wonderland". FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
June 5, 2007 Crooner's Christmas includes What are You Doing New Year's Eve? FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
January 30, 2007 This Sony BMG Canada compilation CD included 'Without You" from Clay's 2006 album, "A Thousand Different Ways". FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
December 26, 2006 "Invisible" was included on an import compilation CD from Japan called "hearful lovesongs to you" FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
November 28, 2006 All is Well is released as a Wal-Mart only exclusive FD Recap Singles and EP's 
October 31, 2006 Platinum Christmas III Compilation CD Released Oct. 31, 2010 Sony/BMG Music Includes Clay's version of "The Christmas Song". FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
October 26, 2006 'Ultimate Christmas 2006' Compilation CD Released Oct. 26, 2006 Sony/BMG Includes "Don't Save It All For Christmas Day" FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
September 19, 2006 A Thousand Different Ways is released FD Recap Albums 
November 28, 2005 "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Compilation CD Released Nov. 28, 20 Sony/BMG Music Includes "The First Noel" FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
October 4, 2005 WOW Christmas includes Mary, Did You Know? FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
March 22, 2005 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Compilation CD includes Invisible FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
February 15, 2005 Disney Mania 3 Compilation CD includes Proud of Your Boy FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
November 16, 2004 Merry Christmas with Love is released FD Recap Albums 
November 2, 2004 Platinum Christmas II Compilation CD Released Nov. 2, 2004 Includes the Clay Aiken / Kimberley Locke duet "Silver Bells" FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
October 9, 2004 On October 9, 2004 a fan discovered the new NBC Christmas compilation CD 'Sounds of the season 2004' at her local Target store. The CD had a lovely version of 'Mary Did You Know', which would also appear on Clay's 'Merry Christmas With Love' CD which was to be released in November. FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
August 16, 2004 Planet Pop 6 Compilation CD Released Aug. 16, 2004 Includes "Invisible" FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
July 27, 2004 Kids Picks Hit Mix 2 includes This is the Night FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
May 4, 2004 Totally Hits 2004 includes Invisible FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
May 4, 2004 Kimberley Locke released her first CD, "One Love". It included a duet with Clay on a song called "Without You".  FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
March 16, 2004 Clay's second single from Measure of a Man was released: The Way/Solitaire FD Recap Singles and EP's 
October 14, 2003 American Idol: The Great Holiday Classics. Clay sings The First Noel and a duet with Kim Locke, Silver Bells FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
October 14, 2003 Measure of a Man was released FD Recap Albums 
October 7, 2003 Totally Hits 2003 includes This is the Night FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
June 10, 2003 Clay's first single was released: Bridge Over Troubled Water/This is the Night is released FD Recap Singles and EP's 
May 1, 2003 Look What Love Has Done Vol. 2 - 2003  Demos 
April 29, 2003 What the World Needs Now Is Love with Top 11 AI2 Idols FD Recap Singles and EP's 
April 29, 2003 American Idol 2: All-Time Classic American Love Songs. Clay's song was On the Wings of Love FD Recap Compilations and Duets 
April 15, 2003 God Bless the USA with AI2 Top 10 Idols FD Recap Singles and EP's 
May 1, 1997 Look What Love Has Done - 1997  Demos 
 Look What Love Has Done Vol. 2 - 2003  Demos 
 Look What Love Has Done - 1997  Demos 
 Redefined - 2000  Demos 
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