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Kelly Clarkson

February 14, 2012
Kelly Clarkson performed on her "Stronger" tour in Biloxi, Mississippi at the Hard Rock Biloxi.  At each of her shows, she has been doing a different cover song.  For Biloxi, she started "Open Arms."  The crowd went wild when Clay walked out a minute later to join her.  It was an amazing Valentine's Day surprise for Clay and Kelly fans, planned by two very good friends.  See a good video here.  Check out the wonderful hug they exchange at the end:


January 29 - 31, 2012
Kelly Clarkson tweeted on Jan 29 about being at the movies with Clay (a snarky comment about being quiet at the movies).  He responded with an equally snarky response. 
We still don't know what they saw...or if anyone needed to be slapped.

Two days later, Clay and friend Quiana Parler attended Kelly's concert in Durham, NC.  The News & Observer posted a great photo of him in the audience.  He enjoyed the show immensely and tweeted a great picture.  Kelly's response (via twitter) was "who is that sexy couple?!"  Lynda Loveland of WRAL-FM also attended the show.  She posted a nice backstage picture....taken by a certain Mr. Aiken (see the photographer in the mirror).