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Ellis After Tour Interview

Grégory, Juliette, Kiwi and Justin

We had such a great response to the interview we did during the tour, we asked Grégory if he would mind answering some follow up questions. He was kind enough to do that for us. Your questions you emailed as well as some more we thought of are included below. Thanks once again to Grégory and his mom for all their time. Enjoy.

1. What was Clay like as a teacher? Was he harder than your normal teacher? Is it easier to learn one on one or in the classroom?

He was awesome! It was easier in one way , because we covered a lot of material, but then I had two jobs to do, being a student, and still go on stage at night. Sometimes I got tired.

2. Did you learn anything new about performing while you were on the tour? Do you do anything in particular to get ready before a performance like warm up your voice, or drink olive oil, or do anything superstitious?

No & no are the two answers about doing something different for warming up before the show. Because on this show I did not sing. When I do a show where I had to sing like in "Tosca" I did do warm ups.

3. What was the hardest thing you had to do in the show while on the tour? What was the easiest thing?

The hardest thing was to freeze and not laugh during my funny lines. The easiest was sleeping!

4. Did you get to do anything for fun? What did you do? What was the most fun? Everything I did was fun!

I can't pick! We did so many fun things, like going to see 'Wicked' on Broadway, and we went to Busch Gardens, just playing with Raleigh and Dudley the two dogs on tour was lots of fun!

5. Did you get a chance to do any site seeing while you were on tour? If so, what place did you enjoy visiting while on tour?

We went to Sea World, we visited the Grand Canyon by plane, helicopter, and boat. It was beautiful and breathtaking.

6. What kind of music do you like to listen to? Do you like country music or pop music or some other kind? 

When I sing for auditions I sing songs from musicals or pop songs. The music I listen to for leisure is: Some Rock, and a little R&B and a little Hip-Hop the kind that is allowed for my age.

7. Did you ever have a crush on a celebrity? Or do you now? 


8. Kids love knowing what your favorite things are...you told us some last time. What is your favorite season of the year? What is your favorite book? Your favorite soda? Favorite type of Candy?

My favorite season is: Spring. My favorite book is : Eragon, my favorite drink is: Mt. Dew ,my favorite candy is Reeses or Jolly Ranchers.

9. What's it like to live on a tour bus? Is it hard to sleep on there? Did you ever get carsick? Is it loud while you are driving? Were you able to keep in contact with your friends while you were on the tour?

The bus was really fun, I slept really well. I never got carsick, it actually soothed me to sleep. Yes I kept in contact with my friends by e-mail, sometimes on the phone.

10. How are your classmates and friends treating you now? Are they treating you the same or different? 

The same.

11. My mom said you had 'gregmates'...do you find that weird or just funny or is it kind of cool?

I am not sure where the term "Gregmates" came from, apparently there are some around!! I do not think it's anything official. I am flattered though, I guess.

12. Did it feel weird having so many people pay attention to you and want to know about you? We have watched fans around Clay while going to concerts with our Mom and Dad and it is amazing how many fans he has around him. Has it been that way with other stuff you have done?

Not to that extent, It was strange to get the attention because I am just a normal kid doing something I love. That does not happen at a soccer game for example, people do not really know me, so it felt strange, but it was fun while it lasted. While I have the chance I want to say thank you for all the support that I got, and the gifts, flowers, teddy bears and polar bears during the tour.

13. What do you see yourself doing when you are Clay's age?

Hopefully anything I want. I would love to continue in the performing arts: Singing, plays, movies, etc. I have to further my education first.

14. Did you get to sing or play instruments with any of the band? 

Not on tour, but I watched them, I went to see William from up close and it was fascinating.

15. Did you have fun? If you had to do it over again, would you still do it? Definitely ! Yes! My youngest daughter had many more off the wall questions...Gregory was even sweet enough to answer those! She wanted to know everything...how many stories his house was, does he like hot chocolate, what kind of sandwiches he likes, if he likes ketchup or mustard on his hot dogs and if he had any great grandmothers. Luckily for Grégory, I cut off the list there...haha!

Here were his answers. My house has 3 stories, I do like hot chocolate, I like all kinds of sandwiches, none of my great grandmothers are alive anymore, and I like, ketchup, mustard and relish & cheese on my hot-dogs.