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Collaborators for Albums and DVD's while with Decca

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First NameLast NameBioTried and True
First NameLast NameBioTried and True
Pete Beachill  Trombone (Tenor) 
Gordon Campbell  Trombone (Tenor) 
Alex Christensen  Producer, Vocal Engineering, Vocal Editing 
Tom Arndt  Package Coordinator 
Mitch Dalton  Guitar 
Dave Bishop  Clarinet, Sax (Tenor) 
Ben Castle  Clarinet, Sax (Tenor) 
Paul Altomari  A&R 
Jeff Daly  Sax (Baritone) 
Simon Gardner  Trumpet, Flugelhorn 
Fanny Gotschall  Art Direction 
Isobel Griffiths  Orchestra Contractor 
Mark Hodgson  Double Bass 
Noel Langley  Trumpet, Flugelhorn 
Mike Lovatt  Trumpet, Flugelhorn 
Andy Mackintosh  Flute, Sax (Alto) 
Vlado Meller  Mastering 
Amy Merxbauer  A&R 
Evelyn Morgan  A&R 
Pete Murray  Piano 
Dave Novik  Executive Producer, A&R 
Steve Pearce  Bass (Electric) 
Jocham  van der Saag  Mixing 
Ralph Salmins  Drums 
Vincent Soyez  Photography 
Dave Stewart  Trombone (Bass) 
Stan Sulzmann  Flute, Sax (Alto) 
Denise Trotman  Package Design 
Chris Walden  Trumpet, Arranger, Conductor, Flugelhorn, Soloist 
Derek Watkins  Trumpet, Flugelhorn 
Andy Wood  Trombone (Tenor) 
Bob Crewe  Composer for Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You 
Bob Gaudio  Composer for Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You 
Leslie Bricusse  Composer for What Kind of Fool Am I 
Anthony Newley  Composer for What Kind of Fool Am I 
David Sanborn  Featured on What Kind Of Fool Am I 
Conway Twitty  Composer for It's Only Make Believe 
Jack Nance  Composer for It's Only Make Believe 
Erroll Garner  Composer for Misty 
Johnny Burke  Composer for Misty 
Mark Blitzstein  Composer for Mack The Knife 
Berthold Brecht  Composer for Mack The Knife 
Kurt Weill  Composer for Mack The Knife 
Armando Manzanero  Composer for It's Impossible 
Sid Wayne  Composer for It's Impossible 
Alex North  Composer for Unchained Melody 
Hy Zaret  Composer for Unchained Melody 
Mark James  Guitar, Composer for Suspicious Minds 
Linda Eder  Crying Duet 
Joe Melson  Composer for Crying 
Roy  Orbison  Composer for Crying 
Les Reed  Composer for There's A Kind of Hush 
Geoff Stevens  Composer for There's A Kind of Hush 
Johnny Mercer  Composer for Moon River 
Henry Mancini  Composer for Moon River 
Vince Gill  Featured on Moon River 
Carl Marsh  Arranger for Moon River 
Jesse Vargas  Arranger for It's Only Make Believe and Crying 
Dick Hodgin  Vocal Engineer for Moon River 
Billy Jay Stein  Vocal Engineer for Crying 
Chris Boerner  Vocal Engineer for Unchained Melody 
Martin Gordy  Percussion for Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, It's Impossible, Unchained Melody, and Suspicious Minds 
G-Strings Orchestra   Strings for Crying 
Thomas Bowes  Violin 1 Leader 
Jonathan Rees  Violin 2 Leader 
Vicci Wardman  Viola Leader 
Anthony Pleeth  Cello Leader 
Ben Cohn Ben Cohn Arranger for Unchained Melody 
Quiana Parler Quiana Parler Vocals (background) for Suspicious Minds, Vocal Production for Unchained Melody and Moon River 
Showing 69 items