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Clay has appeared on so many television shows that it is sometimes hard to keep up with them.  I believe this list is complete...but please let me know if you find an error.
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DateTelevision ShowDescriptionFD/CS RecapMore Info Here
DateTelevision ShowDescriptionFD/CS RecapMore Info Here
May 9, 2013 The Office Clay appeared on the second to last episode of The Office TV show, a show airing on NBC from March 2005 through May 2013. Clay played a "mean judge" on a fictional reality show "America's Next Great A'Capella Sensation". His fellow mean judges were NFL Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers and pop star Santigold. The Office regular Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) was auditioning. Watch them crush his dreams. There was a reprise of this on the last episode, featuring Andy's "viral video, 'Sit Here and Cry'  CS Recap The Office 
April 18, 2013 American Idol Clay reprised Bridge Over Troubled Water, nearly 10 years after performing it for the AI2 finals. It beautifully fit the theme of #ClayComesHome, a twitter hash tag shown on screen. The judges (Keith Urban, Nikki Minaj, Randy Jackson, and Mariah Carey) gave him a standing ovation, with Mariah also blowing him a kiss. CS Recap Other American Idol appearances 
May 10, 2012 Ed Schultz Show May 10, 2012 Interview on the Ed Schultz show, MSNBC Clay was invited on Ed Schultz's show on MSNBC as a representative of GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education network. Stephen Hill, a gay soldier who had been booed at one of the televised Republican debates, was also invited. They discussed their reactions on President Obama's recent support for gay marriage, their thoughts on the impact of his statement for LGBT youth, and also for their reactions to Mitt Romney's apology regarding a bullying incident from his high school days. Fred Bronson @fredbronson summed up the appearance in a tweet to Clay: @ClayAiken Enjoyed your appearance on The Ed Show. Well spoken, as always. Hope you are doing great. CS Recap MSNBC 
May 10, 2012 Piers Morgan Tonight Clay was interviewed by Piers Morgan of CNN. They discussed the passage of amendment one in North Carolina. Clay said it was disappointing that it passed but that the energy and upset from North Carolina's election may have influenced President Obama to announce his support for same sex marriage. Clay discussed how North Carolina voters may just now be realizing that the amendment affects more than same-sex marriage. He also noted that divorce rates were lower in states with same-sex marriage CS Recap Piers Morgan Tonight 
May 8, 2012 CNN CNN Interview with Brooke Baldwin Clay was interviewed remotely from North Carolina and passionately discussed the issues surrounding Amendment One, which would limit rights of same sex and unmarried couples in North Carolina, regardless of sexual orientation. He also discussed how his mother and brother were against the amendment, despite being representative of Republican voters, because they understood the need for equality. He ended by hoping that President Obama would "evolve faster" on the issue but noted his support for the president. CS Recap CNN 
April 22, 2012 Celebrity Apprentice Winning By a Nose CS Recap Celebrity Apprentice 
April 15, 2012 Celebrity Apprentice Puppet Up CS Recap Celebrity Apprentice 
April 8, 2012 Celebrity Apprentice Ad Hawk CS Recap Celebrity Apprentice 
April 1, 2012 Celebrity Apprentice Walking Papers CS Recap Celebrity Apprentice 
March 29, 2012 VH1  Big Morning Buzz - Interview Clay had a great chat with VH1 hostess Carrie Keagan. He was very chatty; They discussed Bring Back My Love, Steadfast, the origin of the term "chach", how the producers coaxed that out of him on the Apprentice show, his relationship with Penn Jillette, his board room strategy (and how it disappears when you're in the board room), and his unexpected collaboration with Dee Snider on Dee's Broadway album. VH1 showed some great graphics to promote Clay, the album, and the National Inclusion Project. CS Recap VH1 
March 29, 2012 VHI March 29, 2012 VH1 "Pass The Bowl" The VH1 "Pass The Bowl" Tumblr blog asks questions of celebrities that were submitted by previous celebrities. Clay was asked about his favorite "housewife." His answer - Teresa Giudice, his Apprentice castmate. Check out the original blog here: http://vh1.tumblr.com/post/20118334941/pass-the-bowl-is-vh1s-ongoing-interview-series CS Recap VH1 
March 27, 2012 ShowBiz Tonight Clay was interviewed by A. J. Hammer. They discussed a variety of topics, including his new compilation album Steadfast, the Miss Universe transgender contestant controvery, and the Trayvon Martin case. CS Recap Showbiz Tonight 
March 27, 2012 Watch What Happens Live Clay appeared on Andy Cohen's late night show on Bravo. Andy is known for provocative questions, including a "Take the Fifth" segment. Clay answered all of Andy's questions, including who would be "pitchy" on American Idol and answered honestly about having chin liposuction. The other guest was Jenna Jameson, adult film star, so it was an interesting evening! CS Recap Bravo Network 
March 26, 2012 The Today Show Clay appeared on the 4th hour of the Today Show for an interview with cohosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. They had appeared visiting the Unanimous party on Apprentice the previous evening. We got a peek at Clay in the green room, chowing down very enthusiastically on muffins (one in each hand, with a basket of them in front). Clay discussed Celebrity Apprentice, saying it was 20 times harder than American Idol. He wore his hoodie for the interview in silent memory for Trayvon Martin and said he was hoping for justice in that case. He finished with a discussion of his new CD, Steadfast, being released that day. CS Recap The Today Show 
March 25, 2012 Celebrity Apprentice Party Like A Mock Star CS Recap Celebrity Apprentice 
March 18, 2012 Celebrity Apprentice I'm Going To Mop The Floor With You" CS Recap Celebrity Apprentice 
March 11, 2012 Celebrity Apprentice Failure to Launch CS Recap Celebrity Apprentice 
March 4, 2012 Celebrity Apprentice How Much Is that Celebrity In The Window CS Recap Celebrity Apprentice 
February 26, 2012 Celebrity Apprentice Getting Medieval CS Recap Celebrity Apprentice 
February 19, 2012 Celebrity Apprentice Hero Worship CS Recap Celebrity Apprentice 
January 4, 2012 The Today Show After months of speculation, Donald Trump announced the cast of Celebrity Apprentice 2012 on the Today show. The following cast were in-studio: Clay, Michael Andretti, Teresa Giudice, Victoria Gotti, Lisa Lampanelli, Dayana Mendoza, Dee Snider, Paul Teutel Sr. Also confirmed in this year's cast: Adam Carolla, Arsenio Hall, Aubrey O'Day, Cheryl Tiegs, Debbie Gibson, George Takei, Lou Ferrigno, Patricia Velasquez, Penn Jillette, and Tia Carrere. CS Recap Celebrity Apprentice Promo 
July 24, 2011 Drop Dead Diva Clay had a guest role in on the Lifetime network show Drop Dead Diva. The episode was entitled "Prom." Clay played a witness testifying about his mail order bride. Other guest stars included Wanda Sykes, Amanda Bearse, and Lance Bass. Constance McMillen, who inspired the episode, had a cameo role as a bailiff CS Recap Drop Dead Diva 
July 8, 2011 The Talk The Talk - CBS Clay appeared on The Talk to promote the upcoming episode of Drop Dead Diva, featuring the story of Constance McMillen, who was banned from her prom. He also chatted about other topics, including Parker, whether he watches AI, and his thoughts on going back to teaching someday. CS Recap The Talk 
March 10, 2011 Good Morning Arizona Clay was interviewed by Tara Hitchcock of Arizona TV3. The video was shown on the show and was also available as a stream. She asked why he picked songs from before he was born. He said he was an "old soul" and that it was the first time he was permitted to make this type of album. He said that the music business is mostly businessmen making money; that only a small percent is art. With this being his fifth album, he was more comfortable taking the risk to do this album. She also asked about whether he was a strict parent. Clay said he was very strict because of his background as a special education teacher. Tara showed his DVD and said that it was spoken for; she told the other newscaster to get his own copy CS Recap Other Local News 
October 19, 2010 The Joy Behar Show Oct. 19/10 The Joy Behar Show Clay was a guest on Joy Behar's talk show on HLN. The discussion was centered on current issues affecting the gay community. A Raleigh incident was the instigating event for his appearance, but a number of recent suicides among teens due to bullying broadened the topic. Fd Recap CNN 
September 11, 2010 PBS Tried and True Sept. 11/10 UNC-TV Pledge Drive Clay appeared in-studio for the North Caroline PBS debut of 'Tried & True: Live'. He was on familiar turf as the station is affiliated with the university he attended in Charlotte NC. The station used social networking to include fans from far & wide. Tweets were posted on Twitter and pictures on Facebook throughout the evening. The station got calls from 18 different states and from four countries! FD Recap PBS Tried and True 
September 8, 2010 PBS Tried and True Sept. 8/10: Houston PBS Live Pledge Appearance Clay appeared in-studio for the first airing of 'Tried & True' on the Houston PBS station, He seemed to have a blast with the volunteers who were answering phones, even taking a few calls himself! He joked with the show's hosts, saying at one point the that concert seats available as pledge gifts were so close to the stage that they would probably be able to smell him ... and that spit might FLY on them. Clay had previously recorded an interview with one of the hosts will air & also be available to view on their website. He said it was probably the best interview he had ever done and was most appreciative of Ernie for making it such a great experience. FD Recap PBS Tried and True 
September 3, 2010 PBS Tried and True September 3, 2010 FWIX Detroit PBS Interview Clay did a lengthy interview for Detroit Public Television. The 'DPTV Showcase' was posted on-line in a series of short segments. Clay said that PBS is the place you can find better music programs than anywhere else. The audience is more mature, more cultured. With regard to 'Tried & True', he described the songs as 'safe' and 'comfortable', saying they were easy for him and music he loves. People know these songs and can sing along or recall a fond memory associated with them. FD Recap PBS Tried and True 
August 5, 2010 PBS Tried and True Most PBS stations aired the 'Tried & True Live' special on its own. Memphis station WKNO aired a half-hour interview with Clay as an extra bonus. The host had done extensive research and covered many areas. Unlike many interviews in which Clay has limited time to address any topic, this interviewer accorded him the time to thoroughly reply. Clay's responses, along with some UNICEF clips that fans had not previously seen, made this one of the best interviews in a long while. FD Recap PBS Tried and True 
August 2, 2010 Phineas and Ferb Clay was a 'stunt singer' for one of the regular characters! FD Recap Phineas and Ferb 
July 23, 2010 Entertainment Tonight July 23/10 Entertainment Tonight ET aired a cute interview with Clay & Ruben on the opening day of their 'Timeless' Tour. Recorded during the rehearsal phase, the friendship & respect they share was clearly evident. A short version aired on the TV show and a longer one was posted at the show's on-line site. FD Recap Entertainment Tonight 
July 23, 2010 Talk Stoop 'Talk Stoop' Aired The taping was seen in photos from the PopEater 'Day in the Life' article and a short segment had aired showing the a capella 'Moon River'. The NBC morning show included a segment, but now the whole item aired on 'Talk Stoop' itself. The final product was a bit of a let down for many fans as it covered a lot of 'ancient history' as far as Clay's story goes. It did show a few clips from the PBS special and mentioned the new CD, but the focus seemed to be more on Idol in 2003, 'coming out' in 2008, his book from 2004 "Learning to Sing", and a lot about the fans, including their special 'terminology'. The host concluded that it's "so weird being you'. FD Recap Other Local News Shows 
July 13, 2010 The View July 13/10 The View Co-Host Clay joined the ladies of 'The View' as co-host for the day. Struggling with a raspy voice, Clay was more subdued that he usually is as a guest. However, he did get some pertinent points in during several 'Hot Topic' discussions. A segment on the military 'Don't ask. Don't Tell' policy was picked up by several sites after it aired. He did get 'bleeped', though!!! He sneaked in a term that isn't acceptable on TV. Naughty boy! It did crack up the panel, especially Whoopie Goldberg who has always wanted to be able to use that word. He seemed to really enjoy the 'Happy Hour' segment, sampling an assortment of food & even sipping different drinks. he stayed faaaaarrrrr away from the mushroom dish, though. (Not taking any chances with those allergies!) Fd Recap The View 
June 11, 2010 Access Hollywood June 11/10 Access HollywoodClay was shown in promo clips the previous day addressing some recent news stories about Ricky Martin & Elton John, but these were not part of the finished clip piece.Instead he talked about things pertinent to himself, including coverage of his career immediately post-Idol as well as his new CD. The cover of 'Tried & True' was shown along with a clip from the PBS special.He was asked about being a father and replied that he was 'phenomenal'! Many people don't realize that he trained as a teacher and as a support worked for children with disabilities. Dealing with a lively 2 year old of his own must be quite different from that! They showed an old paparazzi photo of Parker. Clay & Jaymes have managed admirably to keep Parker out of the spotlight. FD Recap Access Hollywood 
June 10, 2010 Access Hollywood June 11/10 Access Hollywood Clay was shown in promo clips the previous day addressing some recent news stories about Ricky Martin & Elton John, but these were not part of the finished clip piece. Instead he talked about things pertinent to himself, including coverage of his career immediately post-Idol as well as his new CD. The cover of 'Tried & True' was shown along with a clip from the PBS special. He was asked about being a father and replied that he was 'phenomenal'! Many people don't realize that he trained as a teacher and as a support worked for children with disabilities. Dealing with a lively 2 year old of his own must be quite different from that! They showed an old paparazzi photo of Parker. Clay & Jaymes have managed admirably to keep Parker out of the spotlight. FD Recap Access Hollywood 
June 10, 2010 Canada AM June 10, 2010 Canada AM Clay made his first interview appearance on Canada AM since the AI2 tour in 2003. Changing his comment slightly from previous statements, he said that he does like some music on the radio today, but he felt that most didn't measure up to the standards of songs from earlier days. That's why he chose classics from the 50s & 60s for his current album. He made reference to the Windsor, Ontario stop on the summer tour as that is the only Canadian appearance. He explained his Idol answer more thoroughly, saying he followed AI3 because someone from his area was involved. He stopped watching later seasons because empathy with the contestants caused him stress. Asked once again about the Simon situation, he commented that Simon's acerbic comments brought in viewers when the show first started, but it was, and still is, a showcase for talent. He suggested that only time would tell which of those two reasons kept viewers tuning in for the show. FD Recap Canada AM 
June 8, 2010 Chelsea Lately June 8/10: Chelsea Lately Interview Clay appeared for an interview on this E! Channel talk show, known for tis often crude approach to topics and targeting celebrities with not-so-nice comments. Clay has been a target in the past, yet he met the host head-on with his charm & humor set on 'stun'. The interview covered the uaual topics for this round of promotion. The opening of the show was a cute skit. Clay was shown playing 'Connect 4' with cast regular Chuey who is a 'little person' (dwarf) who claimed to be a big fan of his music. He asked Clay to sign one of his albums and hauled out a Barry Manilow album cover. (Clay has often been called 'the new manilow') Clay corrected him, saying he wasn't Barry, but Chuey asked for him again to sign it. Shooting him an 'Okaaaaayyyy ... fine' look, Clay asked him how to spell "Verne Troyer" (Mini-Me from 'Austen Powers') Oh, snap! FD Recap E! Entertainment 
June 5, 2010 The Early Show June 5/10 Clay appeared on the CBS "Early Show on Saturday Morning". The appearance included a brief interview, an on-line Q&A backstage with fans and, of course some songs. He sang a piece of "There's a Kind of Hush" as a teaser early in the show. He performed a shortened version of "Unchained Melody" as his main song. As the show was ending, he sang "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" as the credits ran. FD Recap The Early Show 
June 2, 2010 The View June 2, 2010: The View Clay, aka 'Mr Talks-Fast-and Talks-A-Lot!' appeared on the one show where the interviewers can out-talk him! The ladies of 'The View', with guest co-host Mario Cantone, welcomed Clay and tore through the usual topics at light speed! The last time he had been on the show was back in 2008 for Spamalot & the release of 'On My Way Here'. It seemed like they wanted to cover everything interesting from the past 2 years! But it was fun! Then Clay switched gears a.nd sang a beautiful version of 'Unchained Melody' from 'Tried & True'. FD Recap The View 
June 1, 2010 Good Morning America June 1, 2010 Good Morning America Clay made his first appearance in support of his new CD on familiar ground ... Good Morning America. GMA co-Host Robin Roberts did a brief intro interview. When asked about his son, Parker, Clay said that he has learned to make do with less sleep after having a child! Clay performed 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' from 'Tried & True'. FD Recap Good Morning America 
June 1, 2010 Joy Behar Show June 1/10: As co-host on 'The View', Joy Behar interviewed Clay many times in the past. This was his first appearance on her new talk show on HLN. (Headline News, part of the CNN network) Clay's two segments were very relaxed and covered a lot of territory, albeit very briefly. The rundown of topics reflected the recurring themes from this round of publicity in general: * the new CD, of course * why he doesn't watch Idol (makes him nervous for the contestants) * why he wasn't at the finale (he kind of wandered around this one) * the possible effect of Simon's departure on Idol (thought Paula leaving already would have had an effect) * what he thought of Simon's opinion of his performance of 'Grease' (Simon cracked on him because he knows he can take it) * 'coming out' (wishes it wasn't necessary ... straight people don't have to make declarations.) * raising his son (keeps any replies very general and also a bit on his advocacy for gay rights. It was a very good interview, well worth finding & watching! FD Recap CNN 
March 4, 2010 Phineas and Ferb Disney announces that Clay to appear on 'Phineas and Ferb', their popular animated children's series. His episode would appear during the summer of 2010 on Disney Channel and Disney XD. FD Recap Disney Channel 
June 20, 2009 Capital Awards The 'Capital Awards' at which Clay was a presenter in May aired on local television. These are the area high schools' version of Broadway's 'Tony' Awards. Fd Recap North Carolina Theatre Awards 
June 17, 2009 The Insider June 17/10 "The Insider" entertainment news show included a short interview clip on air & posted a slightly different version on-line. Though short, they covered a lot of territory! Clay talked about the impact of becoming a father and briefly addressed his 'coming out' process, even getting in a quick plug for the 'Timeless Tour'. While promoting 'Tried & True', Clay spoke about connecting to this music and said he is an 'old soul'. He has a solid comfort level with this genre. A few short clips from the PBS special were shown. A 'then & now' photo comparison showed that someone at the show was 'asleep at the wheel'. In most markets, the photos showed Clay in Idol and Clay now. However, a few locations saw a comparison shot of 'Clay now' with AI5 contestant Michael Sandecki, the not-so-talented wannabe-lookalike that Clay surprised on-stage during the finale that year. Time for a new 'fact checker', Insider! FD Recap The Insider 
May 14, 2009 30 Rock '30 Rock' season finale: Clay joined a large group of music stars to sing the parody song 'Kidney Now'. He was one of three performers who had speaking parts in another scene at the offices of the fictional television network. The plot identified him as a cousin of one of the regular weekly cast of characters, so perhaps Clay will drop in again to see his cousin Kenneth!  FD Recap 30 Rock 
April 8, 2009 America's Next Top Model Clay portrayed a very demanding designer while each of the contestants acted as over-the-top diva models. Clay seemed to enjoy the activity and was encouraging to his acting partners. As part of the judging panel, he showed solid insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each contestant.  Fd Recap America's Next Top Model 
March 30, 2009 The Insider 'The Insider' television show carried a brief interview recorded as Clay arrived at the GLAAD awards. The on-line site had more extensive coverage. FD Recap The Insider 
December 27, 2008 Geraldo At Large: The Waiting List Investigative reporter Geraldo Rivera hosted a show on the need for greater assistance for people with disabilities. Part of his show featured an interview with Clay about the Bubel/Aiken Foundation FD Recap Fox News 
December 1, 2008 Entertainment Tonight Entertainment Tonight mentioned Clay in their Star Birthdays and included a brief interview both on-line and in the TV show. Clay talked about returning to Spamalot and adapting to life with a baby FD Recap Entertainment Tonight 
November 27, 2008 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Clay dropped by the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade coverage at CBS TV for a short interview. FD Recap Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 
November 26, 2008 Rosie Live 'Rosie Live' aired. Clay appeared in his 'Sir Robin' Spamalot costume for a short chat/skit with the host. FD Recap Rosie Live 
November 25, 2008 Access Hollywood Access Hollywood aired a brief interview with Clay that was recorded at Rosie's gala. It mainly concentrated on his appearance on Rosie's upcoming TV variety special.  FD Recap Access Hollywood 
November 25, 2008 Entertainment Tonight  Entertainment Tonight aired a brief interview with Clay that was recorded at Rosie's Gala. They mainly concentrated on his appearance on Rosie's up-coming TV variety special, though a comment on Parker was included as well. FD Recap Entertainment Tonight 
November 12, 2008 Dr. Phil David Foster, brother of Jaymes Foster and uncle to Parker, appeared on the Dr. Phil show to promote his new book. He brought along the most recent photo of Clay & his family to share. FD Recap Dr. Phil 
October 24, 2008 Access Hollywood Access Hollywood shows some behind the scenes shots from Matt Lauer's Friar roast. They also included Clay in a slideshow about the event FD Recap Access Hollywood 
September 27, 2008 Paula Deen Clay appeared as a guest on the Paula Deen cooking show FD Recap Paula Deen Show 
September 26, 2008 GMA Good Morning America focuses on Clay's new family FD Recap Good Morning America 
September 25, 2008 GMA Good Morning America interview with Clay  FD Recap Good Morning America 
June 7, 2008 CNN On June 7, 2008 CNN aired an interview with Clay blending some 2003 TV Guide channel clips with some newer footage that was shot at the AOL sessions taping. This first appeared on-line and later on-air. FD Recap CNN 
May 16, 2008 Jimmy Kimmel Live Clay appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Clay sang On My Way Here and Ashes and Jimmy gave Clay a bust made of Clay. FD Recap Jimmy Kimmel Live 
May 16, 2008 Rachel Ray Show Clay appeared on the Rachel Ray show FD Recap Rachel Ray 
May 14, 2008 Good Day Live Clay appeared on Good Day LA. He discussed his album, American Idol, his foundation and fame in general FD Recap Good Day Live 
May 9, 2008 MSNBC Clay appeared on MSNBC News to speak about the efforts of UNICEF in Myanmar after that region had been hit by a massive hurricane FD Recap MSNBC 
May 9, 2008 The Today Show Clay appeared on the Today Show. He chatted with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford and talked about his new album and his role in Spamalot FD Recap The Today Show 
May 8, 2008 Nightline's Playlist Clay appeared on Nightline's Playlist. This series asks performers to list their five favorite songs. Clay's list was very biographical in nature and seemed to represent a certain point in his life or a connection he had made. He listed Islands in the Stream, The Great Adventure, Lovely Day, Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me, and Carolina in My Mind FD Recap Nightline 
May 8, 2008 The View Clay appeared on The View and chatted about his new cd. He also sang On My Way Here FD Recap The View 
May 7, 2008 GMA  Clay appeared on GMA for a brief interview and to promote his new cd. He and his band performed On My Way Here for the tv audience and a second song, Ashes was also performed and could be seen on the show's website. FD Recap Good Morning America 
May 1, 2008 Billy Bush Interview on Access Hollywood Clay did an interview with Billy Bush for his radio show. An edited version of this interview was shown on Access Hollywood on May 1st, 2008. FD Recap Access Hollywood 
April 30, 2008 Tyra Banks Show Clay appears on the 500th episode of The Tyra Banks Show, surprising a fan at Spamalot. FD Recap The Tyra Banks Show 
April 23, 2008 American Idol American Idol had a theme week for the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber. The show profiled some of the past contestants who had appeared on Broadway. Clay was seen in a few brief clips from the show, backstage & in a brief interview. Clay also spoke about his new CD. FD Recap Other American Idol appearances 
April 18, 2008 QVC Clay debuted his new CD on QVC. He sang five songs from the CD and customers got a five track bonus including a video from This is the night. He sang "Where I Draw The Line", "On My Way Here", "Everything I Don't Need", "Something About Us", and "The Real Me". FD Recap QVC 
April 3, 2008 American Idol Extra American Idol Extra had an interview with Clay about his role in Spamalot FD Recap Fox Reality Channel 
March 18, 2008 Entertainment Tonight Entertainment Tonight spotlighted the UNICEF Tap Project . Clay talked about his experiences working for UNICEF, traveling the world and seeing how many people have no access to safe tap water. FD Recap Entertainment Tonight 
March 12, 2008 Fox 5  Fox 5 in NY had a contest for it's viewers to win tickets to see Spamalot FD Recap Fox News 
February 28, 2008 WRAL News WRAL went behind the scenes of Spamalot with Clay Aiken and gave us these memorable screencaps FD Recap WRAL News 
February 28, 2008 WRAL News WRAL went behind the scenes of Spamalot with Clay Aiken FD Recap WRAL News 
February 27, 2008 WRAL News Clay gave Lynda Loveland from WRAL in Raleigh a sneak peek into the studio and talked to her in depth about his album FD Recap WRAL News 
February 21, 2008 Entertainment Tonight Entertainment Tonight carried news of Clay's new CD. FD Recap Entertainment Tonight 
February 21, 2008 The Insider The Insider carried news about Clay's new CD FD Recap The Insider 
February 13, 2008 Fox News Fox News interviewed Clay about his role in Spamalot. They also included footage from the show. Segments of the interview were shown on Fox News at various times FD Recap Fox News 
February 12, 2008 Fox News  Fox News did a spot promoting Clay in Spamalot. They included clips from the show FD Recap Fox News 
February 4, 2008 WRAL News Clay interview on WRAL-TV morning news about his Mexican UNICEF trip FD Recap WRAL News 
January 24, 2008 Mike and Juliet Clay appeared on the Mike and Juliet show to promote his run in Spamalot FD Recap Mike and Juliet 
January 24, 2008 WPIX News Clay did an interview with WPIX to promote Spamalot FD Recap Other Local News Shows 
January 22, 2008 The View  Clay appeared on The View to promote Spamalot FD Recap The View 
January 17, 2008 Entertainment Tonight Clay takes viewers behind the scenes of Spamalot on Entertainment Tonight FD Recap Entertainment Tonight 
January 15, 2008 Entertainment Tonight Entertainment Tonight included Clay in it's 2007 Year in Review. They included him in their most eligible bachelors. This is the second year in the row Clay has been on the lis FD Recap Entertainment Tonight 
December 27, 2007 Entertainment Tonight Entertainment Tonight covered Clay's mission to Mexico. Clay also wrote in his blog about some of his favorite moments.  FD Recap Entertainment Tonight 
December 25, 2007 The Buzz Fox News's show, "The Buzz" had some great clips of Clay in Mexico.  FD Recap Fox News 
December 25, 2007 The Capital One Holiday on Ice The Capital One Holiday on Ice show was aired on NBC.  FD Recap Capital One Holiday Celebration on Ice 
December 18, 2007 Capital One Holiday Celebration on Ice  Icenetwork.com posted some backstage footage of Sasha Cohen trying to teach Clay to warm-up and skate.  FD Recap Capital One Holiday Celebration on Ice 
November 1, 2007 Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Clay appeared on "Are you smarter than a fifth Grader?" He competed on the first ever celebrity edition of the show and his goal was to earn money for The Bubel Aiken foundation. He earned 300,000 dollars...enough to fund 30 summer camps. FD Recap Are you smarter than a fifth grader? 
October 16, 2007 Entertainment Tonight  Entertainment Tonight announced that Clay would be joining Spamalot.  FD Recap Entertainment Tonight 
September 29, 2007 American Idol 2 Rewind Announcement of American Idol 2 Rewind with Clay Aiken as narrator.  FD Recap Other American Idol appearances 
May 22, 2007 Dancing With The Stars Clay appeared on Dancing with the Stars in a cameo during a Jimmy Kimmel skit featuring Guillermo's Moustache Magic FD Recap Dancing with the stars 
May 10, 2007 Jimmy Kimmel Live Clay appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss his upcoming tour and cd and his recent trip for UNICEF. Interestingly enough he appeared on a horse FD Recap Jimmy Kimmel Live 
April 26, 2007 The Today Show Clay appeared on the Today show to talk about his experiences in Afghanistan as a UNICEF ambassador FD Recap The Today Show 
April 20, 2007 Entertainment Tonight Clay appeared for an interview that aired on the show and was posted online. He focused on his recent trip to Afghanistan FD Recap Entertainment Tonight 
April 13, 2007 Good Morning America Diane Sawyer was reporting on her recent trip to Afghanistan. She mentioned running into Clay and showed a few short clips of him FD Recap Good Morning America 
February 22, 2007 Mike and Juliet Show Clay appeared on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. He was the guest co-host for the day and participated in crafts activities and some fun fan-based segments FD Recap Mike and Juliet 
February 14, 2007 Jimmy Kimmel Live Clay appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He brought Jimmy a shirt with his picture airbrushed on it and he wore one of Jimmy. Clay also sang a song using Candy Hearts from a dish FD Recap Jimmy Kimmel Live 
February 2, 2007 ABC News Clay was interviewed for ABC News Now: Be Seen be Heard. He discussed his work with UNICEF and responded to video-taped questions from fans FD Recap News Shows 
February 1, 2007 Good Morning America Clay appeared on Good Morning America to talk about his UNICEF trip. He was also asked about American Idol which significantly cut into the discussion Fd Recap Good Morning America 
December 29, 2006 Inside Edition Inside Edition included the AI finale surprise appearance among the Unforgettable TV Moments of 2006. FD Recap Inside Edition 
December 26, 2006 Days of Our Lives Clay appeared on Days of Our Lives FD Recap Days of our lives 
December 22, 2006 The Megan Mullally Show Clay sang Silver Bells with Megan on her Christmas special. This segment was recorded in November when Clay appeared on Megan's show. Fd Recap Megan Mullally Show 
December 22, 2006 VH1's Best Week Ever VH1's best week ever took a look back at the year in Pop Culture in a one hour special. They highlighted Clay's appearance on AI and they mentioned the Ripa nonsense. Fd Recap /site/clayaikenkids/media/television/cable/vh1 
December 18, 2006 The Tyra Banks Show Clay appeared on the Tyra Christmas show to sing Mary did you know. He recorded this segment during his appearance in November. Fd Recap The Tyra Banks Show 
December 15, 2006  Live with Regis and Kelly Clay appeared on Live with Regis and Kelly singing "Mary, Did You Know". He recorded this clip in November when he co-hosted the show.  Fd Recap Regis and Kelly 
December 6, 2006 Entertainment Tonight On 12/06/06 Entertainment Tonight and The Insider both ran clips of Lynda Loveland's tour of Clay's house. The Insider Entertainment Tonight 
December 6, 2006 The Insider On 12/06/06 Entertainment Tonight and The Insider both ran clips of Lynda Loveland's tour of Clay's house. On 12/29/06 The Insider ran their clip again.  Fd Recap The Insider 
November 29, 2006 The Insider The Insider showed a video of Clay singing "Without You" that he had taped during the week he was there after the cd was released.  Fd Recap The Insider 
November 29, 2006 WRAL News On 11/29/06 and 11/30/06 Clay gave Lynda Loveland of WRAL a tour of his house in Raleigh.  FD Recap WRAL News 
November 27, 2006 Access Hollywood Access Hollywood took a behind the scenes look at Clay's appearance on "Days of our lives". The episode would air on December 26th, 2006 Fd Recap Access Hollywood 
November 26, 2006 GMA Clay sang Emmanuel on Good Morning America. This song was coming out on the limited exclusive EP available only from Wal-mart. FD Recap Good Morning America 
November 24, 2006 DirecTV Songs of Praise A clip from the 2004 "A Clay Aiken Christmas" of Clay and Quiana Parler singing "Silver Bells" was used on a Direct TV special called "Songs of Praise for Christmas".  FD Recap DirecTV Songs of Praise 
November 22, 2006 The Tyra Banks Show Clay appeared on Tyra.  Fd Recap The Tyra Banks Show 
November 21, 2006 American Music Awards Clay appeared on the American Music Awards show with Tori Spelling. They made fun of the ongoing saga with Kelly Ripa by doing a skit about where Tori's hand has been... Fd Recap American Music Awards 
November 17, 2006 Regis and Kelly Clay appeared on The Regis and Kelly Show as a cohost. He sang, he danced, he tried to interview the guests and he put his hand over Kelly's mouth.... Fd Recap Regis and Kelly 
November 2, 2006 The Megan Mullally Show Clay appeared on the Megan Mullally Show. He performed "A thousand days" and also sang a duet with Megan for her Christmas show. Fd Recap Megan Mullally Show 
November 1, 2006 The Insider In November "The Insider" used the American Music Awards spoof on their website report of the event. Entertainment Tonight posted the AMA Awards in their Star Sightings, the UNICEF Snowflake lighting and a Happy Birthday wish. Fd Recap The Insider 
October 28, 2006  TV Guide Channel had a special dedicated to Clay.  FD Recap TV Guide Channel 
October 6, 2006 Martha Stewart Clay appeared on the Martha Stewart show to promote his album A thousand different ways. He brought his grandma with him to make one of his favorite dishes, Hot pineapple salad. He sang "A thousand days." Fd Recap Martha Stewart 
September 27, 2006 KTLA Morning News Clay appeared on KTLA Morning News.  FD recap Other Local News Shows 
September 27, 2006 Larry King Live  Clay appeared on Larry King Live for an in-depth interview.  Fd Recap CNN 
September 26, 2006 Jimmy Kimmel Live Clay appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and performed a mini concert at the Pontiac Garage.  FD Recap Jimmy Kimmel Live 
September 26, 2006 Jimmy Kimmel Live Clay appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live FD Recap Jimmy Kimmel Live 
September 22, 2006 The View Clay made an appearance on The View.  FD Recap The View 
September 18, 2006 The Insider From 9/18/06 - 9/22/06 Clay appeared on The Insider. Clay week included him singing "Without You" and also included a series of short interviews with Lara Spencer. There was also a more in-depth on-line interview.  Fd Recap The Insider 
September 15, 2006 The Tonight Show Clay went on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He shared some of his travel tales and performed "Without You". Fd Recap The Tonight Show 
August 22, 2006 The Insider The Insider gave viewers a look at the photoshoot for Clay's upcoming cd.  Fd Recap The Insider 
August 2, 2006 Entertainment Tonight ET gave fans a sneak peek at the photo shoot for the new cd. Miranda Penn Turin worked her magic at a beautiful house in California.  Fd Recap Entertainment Tonight 
June 21, 2006 MSNBC - Rita Crosby Rita Crosby talked about how Clay still had the top selling single from AI. Fd Recap MSNBC 
May 24, 2006 American Idol Clay appeared on the AI5 finale giving Clay fans a surprise and providing a magic moment for television. FD Recap Television Show List 
March 26, 2006 Cheerleader Nation Clay's name came up during an episode of Cheerleader Nation. Ashley included Clay in her bio.  FD Recap Lifetime Network 
December 25, 2005 GMA GMA showed Clay's performance of My Grown-up Christmas List on GMA. He had taped this on the 17th along with Mary Did You Know. Fd Recap Good Morning America 
December 24, 2005 WRAL News Clay did a year end interview with WRAL  Fd Recap WRAL News 
December 17, 2005 GMA Clay appeared on Good Morning America and sang Mary, Did You Know? Fd Recap Good Morning America 
December 9, 2005 Dear Santa Answering real-life letters to the Norh Pole. Clay sang to some military families as part of a child's wish to have her daddy home from Iraq for Christmas. FD Recap Dear Santa 
December 9, 2005 Dear Santa Clay appeared on a Fox show called Dear Santa FD Recap Dear Santa 
December 5, 2005 The Early Show Clay appeared on The Early Show and sang Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Fd Recap The Early Show 
November 30, 2005 Discovery Health and The Insider Clay appeared on two TV shows that were covering the growing sextuplets. The Insider and Discovery Health. They showed the girls visiting Clay at a concert.  FD Recap The Insider 
November 30, 2005 ET Canada and Star Daily Clay was in Vancouver, B.C. to kick off the 2005 Joyful Noise tour. He did some interviews with Canadian media including short clips aired on ET Canada and Star Daily  Fd Recap Other Canada Shows 
November 30, 2005 Jeopardy Jeopardy had an answer about him. Fd Recap Jeopardy 
November 30, 2005 The Insider The Insider went behind the scenes of the Joyful Noise 2005 Tour. He explained the vignettes and said they followed the story line of Merry Christmas with Love, a song from his cd. They also showed him teaching Gregory. Raleigh also checked out the cameras. Fd Recap The Insider 
November 30, 2005 Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Who Wants to Be A Millionaire used Clay in a question FD Recap Who Wants to Be A Millionaire 
November 14, 2005 The Standard Clay did an interview with The Standard. He talked in depth about his UNICEF and charity work as well as his faith. He also had Raleigh with him in the interview. Fd Recap The Standard 
October 27, 2005 KTLA Morning News Clay was on KTLA Morning News to promote the Joyful Noise Tour of 2005. He sang a bit of Mary Did You Know and talked about Toys for Tots and UNICEF. Fd Recap Other Local News Shows 
October 10, 2005 E Talk Daily E-Talk Daily aired an interview they had done with Clay during his Jukebox Tour stop in Canada. The interview was conducted over the water at Ontario Place. Fd Recap E Talk Daily 
October 10, 2005 E- Talk Daily E-Talk Daily interviewed Clay during his Jukebox Tour in Canada.. FD Recap E Talk Daily 
September 26, 2005 Monday Night Football Clay appeared with Jimmy Kimmel on the halftime of the Monday Night Football show. They did a skit where Clay was dressed in Troy Aikman's jersey and he showed fans how to throw a spiral.  Fd Recap Monday Night Football 
September 26, 2005 The Insider Clay attended a baby shower for Insider. Melissa Peterman was having a shower and was a big fan. Reba McEntire surprised her by having Clay attend. Better than a breast pump. Fd Recap The Insider 
September 25, 2005 Jimmy Kimmel Live  Clay appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He brought cookies on a stick to Jimmy that had their names on them. FD Recap Jimmy Kimmel Live 
September 20, 2005 The Insider  From 9/20//05 - 9/22/05, Clay appeared on The Insider and covered the Dancing with the Stars show Fd Recap The Insider 
September 18, 2005 Emmy's Clay was a reporter for The Insider at the Emmy Award Show Fd Recap Emmy's 
September 15, 2005 The Insider Clay becomes a special reporter for The Insider. He would cover some special events for the show. His first assignment was reporting on preparations for the Emmys which would be held on Sept. 18th, 2005. Fd Recap The Insider 
September 13, 2005 All My Children Clay appeared on All my Children when Erica Kane a character played by Susan Lucci was starting her new talk show. Clay wished her luck along with other celebrities. Fd Recap All My Children 
September 3, 2005 Larry King Live Clay appeared on Larry King Live to discuss different ways people could help Hurricane Katrina victims. Fd Recap CNN 
July 29, 2005 GMA Clay appeared on Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series just as he was kicking off his Jukebox Tour. He sang "Suspicious minds", "Invisible" and a song under consideration for his next album called "Back for more". He was interviewed by Diane for the show and he also did an interview with Susan Lucci for a segment on All my Children. FD Recap Good Morning America 
July 26, 2005 Access Hollywood Access Hollywood visited Clay as he prepared for the Jukebox Tour. Fd Recap Access Hollywood 
July 15, 2005 TV Guide The TV Guide Channel ran some clips from the photo shoot they did with Clay for the feature story in the edition dated July 24th Fd Recap TV Guide Channel 
June 12, 2005 The Greatest American Clay participated in a show on the Discovery Channel called The Greatest American. He commented on Sam Walton, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Billy Graham and the Wright Brothers.  Fd Recap Discovery Channel 
May 10, 2005 Oprah Clay appeared on Oprah for her Wildest Dreams Episode. Clay and Ty Pennington both helped Oprah make Brittany and Bethany's dreams come true. Clay also sang "I Will Carry You"  Fd Recap Oprah 
May 5, 2005 Clay was on Entertainment Tonight, The Early Show, Primetime and Showbiz Tonight.  As AI4 neared its end, many shows looked behind the scenes at the many stories connected with the show and the judges. Clay gave his views as an insider from Season 2. He was on Entertainment Tonight, The Early Show, Primetime and Showbiz Tonight.  Fd Recap Entertainment Tonight 
April 26, 2005 American Idol AI4 Top 6 week . Clay was in the audience and took pictures Fd Recap Other American Idol appearances 
April 19, 2005 Dr, Phil  Clay appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to discuss bullying FD Recap Dr. Phil 
April 5, 2005 The Insider The Insider showed clips from Clay's trip to the flood stricken area of Banda Aceh, the area hardest hit by the December tsunami. Fd Recap Indonesia 
March 23, 2005 WRAL News On March 23 and 24th of 2005 WRAL aired two different segments of an interview Clay did with Lynda Loveland about his trip to Indonesia. Fd Recap WRAL News 
February 15, 2005 Scrubs Clay appeared as Kenny FD Recap Scrubs 
February 14, 2005 Jimmy Kimmel Live Clay appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Fd Recap Jimmy Kimmel Live 
January 11, 2005 Cartoon Network The Cartoon Network prepared a series of PSA's to encourage young viewers to aid the tsunami victims in Asia.  Fd Recap Kidshelpout 
January 8, 2005 Head to Toe Clay appeared on Lifetime's Head to Toe show.  Fd Recap Lifetime Network 
January 5, 2005 Tsunami Telethon Clay took part in an hour long program on NBC to raise funds to support the survivors of the tsunami tragedy in Southeast Asia.  Fd Recap Tsunami telethon 
January 1, 2005 Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood Clay took part in the NBC telethon to help with tsunami relief. The clip promoting the show was shown on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and Access Hollywood.  Fd Recap Entertainment Tonight 
January 1, 2005 Rose Bowl Coverage Clay rode on the 1st Ronald McDonald House Charities Float in the Rose Bowl Parade Fd Recap Rose Bowl Parade 
December 25, 2004 The Early Show The Early Show had their Christmas show and they played the two songs Clay had recorded a few days earlier...Mary Did You Know and The Christmas Waltz Fd Recap The Early Show 
December 22, 2004 The Early Show Clay appeared on The Early Show. He taped songs for two appearances and The Christmas Waltz was aired on this date Fd Recap The Early Show 
December 21, 2004 The Today Show  Clay was on the Today show singing Mary, did you know. This was recorded when he visited the show on December 8th Fd Recap The Today Show 
December 9, 2004 The View Clay appeared on The View. He performed Mary did you know and talked about his recent tv special, A Clay Aiken Christmas, his book, Learning to Sing, the Christmas cd, Merry Christmas with Love and his tour, Joyful Noise Tour FD Recap The View 
December 8, 2004 A Clay Aiken Christmas Christmas Special with guests Barry Manilow, Yolanda Adams and Megan Mullally FD Recap A Clay Aiken Christmas 
December 8, 2004 The Today Show Clay appeared on the Today show to promote his Christmas cd, Merry Christmas with Love. He sang Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Fd Recap The Today Show 
December 6, 2004 The Tonight Show Clay appeared on the Tonight show with Jay Leno. Clay performed Mary did you know from his Christmas CD FD Recap The Tonight Show 
November 30, 2004 Christmas in Rockefeller Center Celebrities help light the tree in Rockefeller Center  FD Recap Christmas in Rockefeller Center 
November 22, 2004 The Early Show Clay made a stop on The Early Show to promote his book Learning to Sing Fd Recap The Early Show 
November 19, 2004 E! News Live Clay did a short interview with E! News Live that focused mainly on his upcoming Christmas special that was to air on 12/8/04 on NBC Fd Recap E! Entertainment 
November 18, 2004 Live with Regis and Kelly Clay appeared on the Regis and Kelly show to promote his book Learning to Sing. He also talked about his TV special, Christmas CD and the upcoming tour FD Recap Regis and Kelly 
November 17, 2004 The Today Show Clay visited the Today show to promote his book Learning to Sing FD Recap The Today Show 
November 15, 2004 Larry King Live  Clay appeared on Larry King Live for an exclusive interview. They discussed a number of topics including Clay's book, cd and upcoming tv special. however, the big surprise was that Clay announced he had been asked by UNICEF to be one of their goodwill ambassadors. His focus would be on educational issues, a perfect fit for the Special education major. FD Recap CNN 
November 14, 2004 American Music Awards Clay appeared on the 32nd American Music Awards Show. Clay presented the Best Male Country Artist award with Kathy Griffin. Fd Recap American Music Awards 
October 31, 2004 Promos for American Music Awards In October and November of 2004 Clay sang with Jimmy Kimmel on some promotional videos for the American Music Awards FD Recap American Music Awards 
October 5, 2004 The A List The A List, a Canadian entertainment show, featured two interview segments with Clay. They showed clips from American Idol and also his video for Proud of Your Boy. They asked him if he had three wishes what would he want..health for his family, Brett to be safe, and the third he would save in case something came up. He was on both October 5th and October 7th. Fd Recap The A List 
September 30, 2004 WRAL News Lynda Loveland from WRAL did an interview with Clay. She showed Clay at work at the 'Sonic Wave Studios" and showed him singing a bit of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". Lynda also revealed that Clay had recently bought a house. Fd Recap WRAL News 
September 24, 2004 Live with Regis and Kelly Clay appeared via satellite to collect his 'Relly' Award. This award is given by the Live with Regis and Kelly show to fan favorites. Clay was nominated and won for favorite Musical Guest. The award is a golden stool Fd Recap Regis and Kelly 
September 18, 2004 Good Morning America Clay dropped by Good Morning America to help Marisol do the weather. They discussed Clay's favorite contestants in the Miss America Pageant. He talked about the upbeat version of Here She Is that he would be singing and he gave his picks FD Recap Good Morning America 
September 18, 2004 Miss America Pageant Clay appeared at the Miss America Pageant for the second consecutive year. He performed The Way and introduced the finalists. He also sang the song's theme to the winner. Fd Recap Miss America Pageant 
September 10, 2004 Jeopardy Clay appeared on a Jeopardy episode posing questions relating to his appearance on AFI's 100 years of 100 songs FD Recap Jeopardy 
July 28, 2004 TRL Clay appeared on MTV's Total Request Live to talk about his Solo Tour. Clay talked about going to states he hadn't been to yet. He also met a fan who answered Clay trivia questions FD Recap MTV 
July 18, 2004 Songwriter's Hall of Fame Bravo televised the Songwriter's Hall of Fame. Neil Sedaka received the Lifetime Achievement Award and Clay videotaped a special message for him FD Recap Bravo Network 
July 14, 2004 The Early Show On 7/2/04, Clay taped the Early show. It aired on 7/14/04. Along with a short interview, Clay performed Invisible, The Way and I Will Carry You. Perfect Day was performed for the taping but was not used in the broadcast. FD Recap The Early Show 
July 4, 2004 A Capitol Fourth Clay appeared on the PBS program, A Capitol Fourth. He opened the show with the National Anthem and later he sang Measure of a Man and God Bless the USA FD Recap A Capitol Fourth 
July 2, 2004 GMA Clay appeared on GMA's Summer Concert Series. The concert was held in Bryant Park and over 3000 people showed up for this performance. It was the largest audience to that point for a GMA concert. Clay sang Invisible, I Survived You, and I Will Carry You FD Recap Good Morning America 
June 29, 2004 Jimmy Kimmel Live Clay appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was the major part of the show. They staged a skit where Clay got some payback for some of the old jokes about him. He also performed I Will Carry You and Kyrie Fd Recap Jimmy Kimmel Live 
June 27, 2004 VH1's 40 Greatest Reality TV Moments Clay and Ruben were included on VH1's 40 Greatest Reality TV Moments. They were number 23 out of 40 Fd Recap VH1 
June 22, 2004 American Film Institute's "100 years...100 Songs"  American Film Institute's "100 years...100 Songs" America's Greatest Music in the Movies FD Recap AFI 100 years 100 Songs 
June 21, 2004 Jeopardy Clay appeared on a Jeopardy episode posing questions relating to his appearance on AFI's 100 years of 100 songs FD Recap Jeopardy 
June 6, 2004 Dover Speedway MBNA 400: A Salute to Heroes Clay performed the national anthem and Measure of a Man at the Dover Speedway during a NASCAR Race. This was for the "MBNA 400: A Salute to Heroes." It was held on the 60th anniversary of D-Day, the date the allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy during WWII Fd Recap Dover Speedway MBNA 400: A Salute to Heroes 
June 2, 2004 Fox 50 Clip about Gimme the Mike Clay's mom Faye Parker was on this show as one of the judges. In a video from a local television station, Clay gave his mom advice on judging.  FD Recap Other Local News Shows 
May 30, 2004 YTV's Hitlist YTV's Danielle selected Clay as her favorite interview of the season FD Recap YTV 
May 29, 2004 ET Clay showed up on a segment of Entertainment Tonight on MTV Fd Recap Entertainment Tonight 
May 26, 2004 American Idol  Clay emceed Fantasia's hometown party in Greensboro, NC. He appeared in a couple of on-air segments. Fd Recap Other American Idol appearances 
May 17, 2004 On Air with Ryan Seacrest Clay was interviewed backstage by a fan on Ryan Seacrest's show before Wango Tango FD Recap On Air with Ryan Seacrest 
May 12, 2004 American Idol Clay appeared on American Idol Season Three to sing a song with the Top 4 Contestants. He sang Earth Wind & Fire's "Fantasy" with Jasmine Trias, Fantasia, Diana DeGarmo and Latoya London FD Recap Other American Idol appearances 
May 11, 2004 The Tonight Show Clay appeared on The Tonight Show and sang Solitaire. This was a week when Jay was doing the show from Las Vegas FD Recap The Tonight Show 
May 6, 2004 The Early Show In advance of Mother's Day The Early Show did a series of interviews with the moms of several singers, including Clay's mom, Faye Parker. She showed the viewers a lot of old pictures of Clay as well as some footage from Clay singing Proud of Your Boy from Aladdin. Fd Recap The Early Show 
May 1, 2004 E! Entertainment E! Entertainment had a clip of Clay and Randy Jackson preparing for the Independent Tour Fd Recap E! Entertainment 
April 20, 2004 Reality Stars Uncensored A&E televised a special looking at the phenomenon of Reality TV shows and the people who had become famous after appearing them. It was called Reality Stars Uncensored FD Recap A&E Network 
April 18, 2004 YTV's Hitlist Clay appeared on YTV to introduce his video of "The Way". This was part two of that interview. He talked about his SNL appearance, graduating college and some of the tour rituals he and Kelly went through FD Recap YTV 
April 11, 2004 E!'s 101 Most Starlicious Makeovers The 101 most stunning outrageous makeovers. Clay was number 81 on the list. FD Recap E! Entertainment 
April 11, 2004 YTV's Hitlist Clay was a guest on YTV's Hitlist. He introduced his video of The Way at #1. Clay talked about being on tour with Kelly Clarkson. This was a two part interview with the second part being shown two weeks later FD Recap YTV 
March 17, 2004 American Idol Clay returned to American Idol to perform his newest release, "Solitaire". He also did a short question and answer session with the contestants FD Recap Other American Idol appearances 
March 8, 2004 20/20 Clay appeared on 20/20 on ABC News. Elizabeth Vargas interviewed Clay as part of a segment called "Second Acts". Oksana Baiul, Johnny Depp and Tom Jones were also featured FD Recap 20/20 
March 6, 2004 CNN: People in the News Clay and Ruben appeared on CNN: People in the News. It was described as the making of an American Idol: the transformation of Ruben Studdard & Clay Aiken from virtual unknowns into mega-selling pop stars FD Recap CNN 
March 4, 2004 The View Clay appeared on The View. He did a short interview and then sang The Way FD Recap The View 
March 3, 2004 The Today Show Clay and Kelly appeared on The Today Show. They were promoting their tour and they each sang a song they were performing on the tour. FD Recap The Today Show 
March 3, 2004 TRL Clay and Kelly appeared on MTV's Total Request Live. They both had a lot of fun at the studio and TRL had the world premiere of the video for The Way FD Recap MTV 
March 1, 2004 TRL Clay and Kelly appeared on MTV's Total Request Live. This show was called an Independent Tour backstage pass FD Recap MTV 
March 1, 2004 WRAL News Lynda Loveland from WRAL in Raleigh was given a look backstage at the Independent Tour and on the tour bus. Clay also dropped by the studio to chat with the anchors FD Recap WRAL News 
February 25, 2004 WCNC Local News As Clay and Kelly kicked off their tour in Charlotte, NC, Clay did an interview with WCNC in Charlotte, NC FD Recap Other Local News Shows 
February 23, 2004 Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune had a puzzle with Clay and Ruben's name in it Fd Recap Wheel of Fortune 
February 19, 2004 Entertainment Tonight Entertainment Tonight had a special look at the video shoot for The Way Fd Recap Entertainment Tonight 
February 17, 2004 Entertainment Tonight Clay and Kelly co-hosted Entertainment Tonight to promote their upcoming Independent Tour Fd Recap Entertainment Tonight 
February 16, 2004 On Air with Ryan Seacrest Clay appeared on the Ryan Seacrest show with Kelly Clarkson to promote the upcoming Independent Tour FD Recap On Air with Ryan Seacrest 
February 16, 2004 On Air with Ryan Seacrest Clay performed The Way on Ryan's show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest FD Recap On Air with Ryan Seacrest 
February 9, 2004 Live with Regis and Kelly Clay appeared on Live with Regis and Kelly. He did a short interview with them and then performed The Way. Fd Recap Regis and Kelly 
February 8, 2004 Dateline NBC Clay appeared on Dateline to give his commentary about Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction FD Recap Dateline NBC 
February 7, 2004 Saturday Night Live Clay was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. He performed The Way and Invisible. Megan Mullally was the host that night. He also appeared in a skit at the end FD Recap Saturday Night Live 
January 31, 2004 VH1 All Access VH1 All Access had a spotlight on Clay Aiken. This half hour feature had some great shots of Clay skating, playing with Raleigh, and riding a rollercoaster. There was also shots from a photoshoot and an interview Fd Recap VH1 
January 23, 2004 Ed Clay appeared on the NBC show Ed. He guest starred as himself. He sang The Way and This Magic Moment FD Recap Ed 
January 22, 2004 Access Hollywood Clay and Ruben appeared on Access Hollywood to give their commentary about the new crop of contenders for the third season of Idol FD Recap Access Hollywood 
January 21, 2004 The Tonight Show Clay appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He performed The Way. FD Recap The Tonight Show 
January 15, 2004 On Air with Ryan Seacrest Clay appeared on the Ryan Seacrest's short lived show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest FD Recap On Air with Ryan Seacrest 
January 4, 2004 Real Access Clay appeared on Real Access. This show was on the Noggin channel which is part of the Nickelodeon network. FD Recap Nickelodeon 
January 1, 2004 American Idol: Life on the Road Clay appeared on a special called American Idol: Life on the Road. This was a behind the scenes special about the 2003 AI tour.  FD Recap Other American Idol appearances 
December 31, 2003 MTVs New Year Special Clay was part of the MTV's New Year's Eve celebration. He performed The Way and Invisible FD Recap MTV 
December 25, 2003 Disney's Very Merry Christmas Parade Clay appeared on the Very Merry Christmas Parade in Walt Disney World. He opened the show with a performance of Santa Claus is Coming to Town and led the grand finale with Joy to the World and We Wish You a Merry Christmas Fd Recap Singing Performances 
December 25, 2003 GMA Clay's The First Noel was part of Good Morning America's Christmas Day special. This was filmed on 10/15/03. FD Recap Good Morning America 
December 19, 2003 Dateline NBC Dateline covered Entertainment Weekly's Top 10 Entertainers of 2003. Ruben and Clay were #2 on the list.Da FD Recap Dateline NBC 
December 19, 2003 Entertainers of the Year Bravo aired a special called Entertainers of the Year based on Entertainment Weekly's Top 10 Entertainers. Clay and Ruben were #2 on the list.  Fd Recap Bravo Network 
December 10, 2003 Billboard Awards Clay appeared on the 2003 Billboard Awards Show. He opened the show with Ryan Seacrest and performed Invisible. He won the award for best selling single of the year, This is the Night. Fd Recap Billboard Awards 
December 9, 2003 A&E Biography A&E Biography listed Clay and Ruben in their Top 10 Year in Review. They were #10 Fd Recap A&E Network 
December 7, 2003 YTV's Hitlist Clay co-hosted YTV's Hitlist. YTV is a Canadian youth television show which counts down the top 20 most requested videos. FD Recap YTV 
November 28, 2003 Nick at Nite's Holiday Special Clay appeared on Nick at Nite's Holiday Special on Nickelodeon. Thanks to some cool special effects, he was joined by Bing Crosby singing Little Drummer Boy. Fd Recap Nickelodeon 
November 27, 2003 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Clay rode the Hershey's float and sang Silver Bells in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Fd Recap Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 
November 25, 2003 An American Idol Christmas Clay appeared on a TV special called, An American Idol Christmas. He served as host and performed Don't Save it All for Christmas Day and a duet with Kim Locke, White Christmas.  Fd Recap Other American Idol appearances 
November 25, 2003 TRL Clay appeared on MTV's Total Request Live and performed Invisible Fd Recap MTV 
November 24, 2003 The Late Show with David Letterman Clay appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman. He performed Invisible. FD Recap The Late Show with David Letterman 
November 16, 2003 The American Music Awards Clay appeared on The American Music Awards. He sang Invisible and did a duet with Ruben called Jesus is Love. He won the fan choice award that night. Fd Recap American Music Awards 
November 13, 2003 Jimmy Kimmel Live Clay appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy's girlfriend Sarah Silverman and Clay videotaped a segment as a joke.  Fd Recap Jimmy Kimmel Live 
November 6, 2003 The Ellen Show Clay appeared on The Ellen Show and performed Invisible FD Recap The Ellen Show 
October 28, 2003 The Wayne Brady Show Clay and Kim Locke dropped by the Wayne Brady Show.  Fd Recap The Wayne Brady Show 
October 22, 2003 GMA Clay appeared on Good Morning America. Clive Davis presented him with a double platinum award.  FD Recap Good Morning America 
October 22, 2003 TRL Clay was interviewed by MTV's Total Request Live about his first week sales of Measure of a Man FD Recap MTV 
October 18, 2003 The World Series Clay sang the National Anthem for the opening game of the 2003 World Series Fd Recap World Series 
October 17, 2003 The Early Show Clay appeared on The Early Show . He sang Invisible and I Will Carry You. Fd Recap The Early Show 
October 17, 2003 The View Clay appeared on The View and sang Invisible. Meredith smelled Clay to see if he smelled like fresh laundry at the request of a fan. FD Recap The View 
October 15, 2003 GMA Clay appeared on Good Morning America and sang Invisible and The Way. He also taped The First Noel which was used for their Christmas special FD Recap Good Morning America 
October 14, 2003 TRL Clay appeared on MTV's Total Request Live to promote his CD. He played with clay-doh. Fd Recap MTV 
October 13, 2003 The Tonight Show Clay appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He performed Invisible and had a short interview with Jay. FD Recap The Tonight Show 
October 11, 2003 Entertainment Tonight Entertainment Tonight had a special about Clay's Video Shoot for Invisible Fd Recap Entertainment Tonight 
October 10, 2003 Access Hollywood Access Hollywood had an interview with Clay where he indicated a fondness for Miss Oklahoma Fd Recap Access Hollywood 
October 9, 2003 Primetime Live Clay appeared on Primetime Live with Diane Sawyer Fd Recap Primetime Live 
October 4, 2003 Let's Just Play Clay appeared on Let's Just Play, a Nickelodeon TV Special. He performed Invisible and I will Carry You Fd Recap Nickelodeon 
September 20, 2003 Miss America Pageant Clay performed at the Miss America Pageant. He sang This is the Night Fd Recap Miss America Pageant 
September 4, 2003 TRL Clay appeared on MTV's Total Request Live. He visited Sheldon High School in Sacramento, California. The choir class was working on a song by U2 called MLK Fd Recap MTV 
September 1, 2003 MDA Labor Day Telethon Clay sang Bridge over Troubled Water on the telethon Fd Recap Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon 
August 19, 2003 American Idol Juniors Clay congratulated the American Juniors  FD Recap Other American Idol appearances 
August 13, 2003 CNN Headline News CNN Headline News: Idol on the Road Behind the Scenes FD Recap CNN 
July 30, 2003 The View Clay appeared on The View with Ruben Studdard, sang This is the Night Fd Recap The View 
July 28, 2003 Canadian Idol While the AI2 concert was in Toronto, Clay appeared on Canadian Idol to give advice to the wildcard contestants. Fd Recap Canadian Idol 
July 24, 2003 Off The Record Clay appeared on Off the Record with Kim Locke, Rickey Smith, and Kim Caldwell Fd Recap Off The Record 
July 23, 2003 Canada AM Clay and a few others from the tour group appeared on Canada AM FD Recap Canada AM 
July 23, 2003 E Talk Daily Clay appeared on ETalk Daily with other members of the AI2 tour group. They showed outtakes from the Idol appearance where they sang What the World Needs Now Fd Recap E Talk Daily 
July 22, 2003 Canadian Idol The AI2 group appeared on Canadian Idol and sang What the World Needs Now Fd Recap Canadian Idol 
July 16, 2003 TRL Clay appeared on Total Request Live to give a behind the scenes look at the AI2 tour Fd Recap MTV 
July 15, 2003 Entertainment Tonight Clay and Kim Locke appeared on Entertainment Tonight Fd Recap Entertainment Tonight 
July 15, 2003 TRL Clay appeared on Total Request Live Backstage - This is the Night video Fd Recap MTV 
June 10, 2003 Oprah Clay appeared on the Oprah show with Ruben Studdard and Justin Guarini FD Recap Oprah 
June 3, 2003 Canada AM Clay and Ruben appeared on Canada AM, the top morning show in the country Fd Recap Canada AM 
June 3, 2003 Canadian Idol Clay and Ruben appeared on CTV introduces Canadian Idol. They lead the group in singing Ain't no Stoppin us Now Fd Recap Canadian Idol 
May 28, 2003 Good Morning America Clay appeared on GMA and sang This is the Night Fd Recap Good Morning America 
May 28, 2003 Live with Regis and Kelly Clay appeared on Live with Regis and Kelly. He sang Bridge over Troubled Water FD Recap Regis and Kelly 
May 26, 2003 The Today Show Clay appeared with Ruben Studdard on the Today show. They sang a duet of God Bless the USA Fd Recap The Today Show 
May 26, 2003 TRL Clay and Ruben appeared on MTV's Total Request Live for a post finale interview FD Recap MTV 
May 23, 2003 Larry King Live Interview with Ruben and Clay FD Recap CNN 
May 23, 2003 The Early Show Interview about American Idol and his plans for the future FD Recap The Early Show 
May 23, 2003 U-Pick Live Clay appeared on segments between cartoons FD Recap Nickelodeon 
May 22, 2003 Entertainment Tonight Clay did an interview after the finale FD Recap Entertainment Tonight 
May 22, 2003 Good Day Live  Fd Recap Good Day Live 
May 21, 2003 American Idol The Final show - Results - Group Performances - One Voice (Kelly Clarkson and the finalists); guest judges' medley (finalists); Superstar, Somewhere over the Rainbow, /On the Wings of Love (Ruben, Kim Locke, Clay); Ain't No Stopping Us Now (Ruben & Clay)  Fd Recap American Idol 
May 20, 2003 Access Hollywood The Night of the finale, Access Hollywood profiled both Clay and Ruben FD Recap Access Hollywood 
May 20, 2003 American Idol The Final show - Competition - This Is The Night, Here There and Everywhere, and Bridge Over Troubled Water. Fd Recap American Idol 
May 20, 2003 WRAL News WRAL Video - Clay Aiken Ready For His Big Night Fd Recap WRAL News 
May 19, 2003 American Idol Final 2 Special - Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me, Group Performance - God Bless the USA and What the World Needs Now. FD Recap American Idol 
May 15, 2003 WRAL News WRAL Videos Fd Recap WRAL News 
May 14, 2003 American Idol Final 3 - Results - Group Performance Medley: Reunited, Solid as a Rock; Up Where We Belong; Ford Music Video - She's a Lady FD Recap American Idol 
May 13, 2003 American Idol Final 3 - Competition - Vincent, Mack the Knife, Unchained Melody FD Recap American Idol 
May 13, 2003 Oprah Oprah visited AI2 during the week of the Top 4. FD Recap Oprah 
May 12, 2003 The Wayne Brady Show Secrets of American Idol FD Recap The Wayne Brady Show 
May 9, 2003 WRAL News WRAL Videos - A number of features were shown that day FD Recap WRAL News 
May 8, 2003 WRAL News WRAL Video - Raleigh Clay singing National Anthem Fd Recap WRAL News 
May 7, 2003 American Idol Bee Gees - Results: Group Performance - Bee Gees medley, Clay's solo was Too Much Heaven, Ford Music Video - Ride Wit Me FD Recap - Grease American Idol 
May 6, 2003 American Idol Bee Gees (Robin Gibb guest judge) - Competition - To Love Somebody, Grease FD Recap - To Love Somebody American Idol 
April 30, 2003 American Idol Neil Sedaka/60s - Results: Group Performance - God Bless the USA, 60s medley: Clay's solo was Going out of My Head. Ford Music Video - Do You Believe in Magic? Fd Recap American Idol 
April 29, 2003 American Idol Neil Sedaka/60s (also guest judge) - Competition - Build Me Up Buttercup and Solitaire FD Recap American Idol 
April 22, 2003 American Idol Diane Warren - Results: Group Performance - Shine; Ford Music Video Fun, Fun, Fun Fd Recap American Idol 
April 21, 2003 American Idol Halfway Home - Somewhere Out There. Group performance - All Night Long FD Recap American Idol 
April 16, 2003 American Idol Billy Joel - Results - Group Performance - For the Longest Time; Ford Music Video - Speed Racer FD Recap American Idol 
April 15, 2003 American Idol Billy Joel - Guest Judge - Smokey Robinson - Competition - Tell Her about It. FD Recap American Idol 
April 9, 2003 American Idol Billboard #1 Hits - Results - Group performance - All Night Long; Ford Music Video - Get Outta My Dreams FD Recap American Idol 
April 8, 2003 American Idol Billboard #1 Hits - Guest Judge - Lionel Richie: Competition - At This Moment FD Recap American Idol 
April 2, 2003 American Idol Disco - Results: Group Performances - A Night to Remember and Boogie Wonderland. Ford Music Video - Car Wash.  FD Recap American Idol 
April 1, 2003 American Idol Disco - Competition - Everlasting Love FD Recap American Idol 
March 26, 2003 American Idol Country: Results - Group Performances - Where the Blacktop Ends and God Bless the USA; Ford Music Video - Mustang Sally. FD Recap American Idol 
March 25, 2003 American Idol Country - Guest Judge - Olivia Newton John: Competition - Someone Else's Star FD Recap American Idol 
March 19, 2003 American Idol Movie: Results - Group Performances - Footloose and I've Had the Time of My Life.  FD Recap American Idol 
March 18, 2003 American Idol Movie - Guest Judge Gladys Night: Competition - Somewhere Out There FD Recap American Idol 
March 12, 2003 American Idol Motown: Results - Group Performance - Heatwave.  FD Recap American Idol 
March 11, 2003 American Idol Motown - Guest Judge Lamont Dozier: Competition - I Can't Help Myself FD Recap American Idol 
March 5, 2003 American Idol Wildcard Results: Clay was America's pick - sang Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me again FD Recap American Idol 
March 4, 2003 American Idol Wildcard Round: Competition - Don't Let the Sun Go down on me FD Recap American Idol 
February 12, 2003 American Idol Final 32 - Group 2: Results - He made it into the top 3 with Ruben and Kim Locke. He was eliminated. FD Recap American Idol 
February 11, 2003 American Idol Final 32 - Group 2: Competition - Open Arms FD Recap American Idol 
February 6, 2003 WRAL News WRAL Video - Raleigh's American Idol Contestant Advances To Semifinals FD Recap WRAL News 
January 29, 2003 American Idol Hollywood - The Glendale Auditions: taped - December 2002; broadcast - 1/29/03.  FD Recap American Idol 
January 28, 2003 American Idol Atlanta Audition: taped - 11/1/02; broadcast - 1/28/03. FD Recap American Idol 
 American Idol 2 Rewind American Idol 2 Rewind showed a lot of Clay's missing footage from American Idol. Fd Recap Other American Idol appearances 
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