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The View

Date and Description
Fountaindawg's Recaps
July 13/10 The View Co-Host Clay joined the ladies of 'The View' as co-host for the day. Struggling with a raspy voice, Clay was more subdued that he usually is as a guest. However, he did get some pertinent points in during several 'Hot Topic' discussions. A segment on the military 'Don't ask. Don't Tell' policy was picked up by several sites after it aired. He did get 'bleeped', though!!! He sneaked in a term that isn't acceptable on TV. Naughty boy! It did crack up the panel, especially Whoopie Goldberg who has always wanted to be able to use that word. He seemed to really enjoy the 'Happy Hour' segment, sampling an assortment of food & even sipping different drinks. he stayed faaaaarrrrr away from the mushroom dish, though. (Not taking any chances with those allergies!)
The View Extras! Two clips were posted at the show's website. In his exit interview, Clay apologized for 'cussing', but explained that it was a set-up. He tried to show that the word was in his cue card notes, but of course he was bleeped again and the card was blocked out so we'll never know what was really there! It was a good set-up for a joke with Whoopie, though! The second clip was pre-show. The producer used a hand-cam to do a brief interview, catching Clay in the make-up room getting his hair styled for the show. To improve the volume, the stylist had put large rollers in his hair. Clay joked that he only used smaller ones at home! When told to jump right in with the panel, Clay said he'd just put his hand over someone's mouth if necessary ... poking fun at his last appearance on another talk show.
June 2, 2010: 

The View Clay, aka 'Mr Talks-Fast-and Talks-A-Lot!' appeared on the one show where the interviewers can out-talk him! The ladies of 'The View', with guest co-host Mario Cantone, welcomed Clay and tore through the usual topics at light speed! The last time he had been on the show was back in 2008 for Spamalot & the release of 'On My Way Here'. It seemed like they wanted to cover everything interesting from the past 2 years! But it was fun! Then Clay switched gears and sang a beautiful version of 'Unchained Melody' from 'Tried & True'.
On 5/8/08, Clay was interviewed and he performed "On My Way Here"
On 1/22/08, Clay came on the show to promote Spamalot
On 9/22/06 Clay sat down for an interview and he performed "Without You"

On 12/09/04, Clay talked about his book and his concerts. He also performed "Mary, Did You Know"

On 3/4/04, There was a short interview and Clay performed "The Way"

On 10/17/03, Clay was sniffed to see if he smelled like fresh laundry and Meredith dressed like a hot dog. He performed "Invisible"

On 7/30/03, Interview with Ruben and he performed "This is the Night"