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America's Next Top Model

Apr. 8/09 America's Next Top Model: Clay portrayed a very demanding designer while each of the contestants acted as over-the-top diva models. Clay seemed to enjoy the activity and was encouraging to his acting partners. As part of the judging panel, he showed solid insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each contestant. Comments around the internet showed that he impressed many regular watchers of ANTM.

4/5/08 - 4/8/09 Clay's up-coming appearance on 'America's Top Model' was featured as one of the television picks to watch in many listings.

During the first week of April, the CW network aired short promo clips for Clay's up-coming appearance on 'America's Next Top Model'. Fans got a quick glimpse of him in the acting challenge. It looks like a fun segment. Can we put the week on 'Fast Forward' so the show starts sooner?

Media throughout March

February 4/5, 2009: On-line entertainment news sites reported that Clay would be doing a guest spot on the up-coming season of 'Tyra Banks' show "America's next Top Model". He would be part of an acting challenge and join the judging panel for one episode.
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