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Dancing with the stars

Description Fountaindawg's Recaps

From 9/20/05 - 9/22/05 Clay appeared on The Insider and covered the Dancing with the Stars show. He interviewed John O'Hurley, Kelly Monoco, and their partners and followed the dance-off.

 On 5/22/07, Clay appeared on Dancing with the Stars. He did a cameo in a Jimmy Kimmel skit. He played himself.


Clay and Jimmy DWTS skip

BROADWAY.COM had asked fans to submit questions for their 'Ask a Star' series. On 11/4/08, they posted the video with Clay's responses. Be sure to check out the video as Clay was his usual v-e-r-y animated self! BTW, don't expect to see him on 'Dancing With the Stars'! E-VER! {;-D)