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Fountaindawg's Recaps
On 2/25/04, as Clay and Kelly kicked off their tour in Charlotte, NC, Clay did an interview with WCNC in Charlotte, NC. https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipPYngXWKtIo8O5INgponY41NuiUBq94wfFHmclD/photo/AF1QipOvtnEdcKhltAYMTlp2k43R8Cf8Dx76IVPPvODH
On 6/2/04, Clay's mom was one of the judges for a local talent competition called "Gimme the Mike". She wore the red leather jacket that Clay wore on AI for his "Grease" performance. Clay did a clip for Fox 50 giving his mom advice on judging.  "Hey Mom! I know you have a little Simon in you, but not everyone needs to know that. Keep it nice."

On 9/27/06, Clay appeared on KTLA Morning News. Clay went on the show to promote his cd but they discussed politics and many other subjects.

On 1/24/08, Clay appeared on WPIX Morning Show. He talked about Spamalot and his upcoming CD.
On 3/12/08, Fox 5 held a Spamalot Contest https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipP11-i7RhnqOF-C3x4dUQetfEMQt2gEn5eNjbF5/photo/AF1QipN38wqjBY5OAGDX2Kcfd4vPwPkBBF6wZ6ttZz4i
July 11, 2010: 'Stoop River' During his big publicity push the week that 'Tried & True' was released, Clay was interviewed for the NY based show 'Talk Stoop'. His segment was scheduled for later in July, but during a 'clip show' of musical guests on July 11th, he was included. Fans got a sneak peek as Clay sang 'Moon River' a capella! https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipOhOmidtAd13llPjjpQzFmqNJAPxKdAZ5VBsPW6/photo/AF1QipOdhQctepMQ3SdrDHzSD3Snrf_Dn90UqnCxiAsv
July 23/10 'Talk Stoop' Aired The taping was seen in photos from the PopEater 'Day in the Life' article and a short segment had aired showing the a capella 'Moon River'. The NBC morning show included a segment, but now the whole item aired on 'Talk Stoop' itself. The final product was a bit of a let down for many fans as it covered a lot of 'ancient history' as far as Clay's story goes. It did show a few clips from the PBS special and mentioned the new CD, but the focus seemed to be more on Idol in 2003, 'coming out' in 2008, his book from 2004 "Learning to Sing", and a lot about the fans, including their special 'terminology'. The host concluded that it's "so weird being you'. https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipOhOmidtAd13llPjjpQzFmqNJAPxKdAZ5VBsPW6/photo/AF1QipNkrZrOmiCghfvVAJuYi3iDHAi4EMwTDZCz_yEo
Clay was interviewed by Tara Hitchcock of Arizona TV3.  The video was shown on the show and was also available as a stream.  She asked why he picked songs from before he was born.  He said he was an "old soul" and that it was the first time he was permitted to make this type of album.  He said that the music business is mostly businessmen making money; that only a small percent is art.  With this being his fifth album, he was more comfortable taking the risk to do this album.  She also asked about whether he was a strict parent.  Clay said he was very strict because of his background as a special education teacher.  Tara showed his DVD and said that it was spoken for; she told the other newscaster to get his own copy