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May 10, 2012
Piers Morgan Tonight

Clay was interviewed by Piers Morgan of CNN. They discussed the passage of amendment one in North Carolina. Clay said it was disappointing that it passed but that the energy and upset from North Carolina's election may have influenced President Obama to announce his support for same sex marriage. Clay discussed how North Carolina voters may just now be realizing that the amendment affects more than same-sex marriage. He also noted that divorce rates were lower in states with same-sex marriage.

To watch the interview, go here:

Piers Morgan Tonight
 May 8, 2012
CNN Interview with Brooke Baldwin

Clay was interviewed remotely from North Carolina and passionately discussed the issues surrounding Amendment One, which would limit rights of same sex and unmarried couples in North Carolina, regardless of sexual orientation. He also discussed how his mother and brother were against the amendment, despite being representative of Republican voters, because they understood the need for equality. He ended by hoping that President Obama would "evolve faster" on the issue but noted his support for the president.
CNN Amendment One
Oct. 19, 2010

The Joy Behar Show Clay was a guest on Joy Behar's talk show on HLN. The discussion was centered on current issues affecting the gay community. A Raleigh incident was the instigating event for his appearance, but a number of recent suicides among teens due to bullying broadened the topic.
Joy Behar Show
June 8, 2010 

Clay talked about the songs for this CD & the tour, joking about how similar he & Ruben are, that they are easily confused. He said they are drawn together by music & hoped that the tour would provide music that brings everyone together. Asked if he's tired of being asked about Idol, he replied that while he has this career because of Idol, he does wish sometimes that folks would ask about other things he has done. A follow-up about Simon leaving sent Clay into another zone, cracking himself up, saying HE would make a great replacement. He can be honest, adding that Idol is missing its 3 most important assets: Simon, Paula & him! LOL The interviewer asked if he'd like to work for CNN. "Bring it ON!" the self-proclaimed 'CNN junkie" replied. In Atlanta to audition for Idol in 2003, he did the CNN tour 3 times & sat in the 'Talk back Live' audience both days. He loed it. He suggested they bring back the show with HIM as host, even telling the interviewer "Write it down! Tell the boss!
June 1, 2010: 
As co-host on 'The View', Joy Behar interviewed Clay many times in the past. This was his first appearance on her new talk show on HLN. (Headline News, part of the CNN network) Clay's two segments were very relaxed and covered a lot of territory, albeit very briefly. The rundown of topics reflected the recurring themes from this round of publicity in general: * the new CD, of course * why he doesn't watch Idol (makes him nervous for the contestants) * why he wasn't at the finale (he kind of wandered around this one) * the possible effect of Simon's departure on Idol (thought Paula leaving already would have had an effect) * what he thought of Simon's opinion of his performance of 'Grease' (Simon cracked on him because he knows he can take it) * 'coming out' (wishes it wasn't necessary ... straight people don't have to make declarations.) * raising his son (keeps any replies very general and also a bit on his advocacy for gay rights. It was a very good interview, well worth finding & watching!
Joy Behar
This CNN slide show looks at the careers of  'American Idol' contestants who have made successful careers in the business in spite of not winning the title during their season. American Idol CNN Slide Show
Clay visited Somalia for UNICEF and appealed for world attention. He will appear on The Survival Project: One Child at a Time on CNN on July 6th, 2008. https://photos.google.com/search/cnn/photo/AF1QipNsMxYpsABGU37sjRXH73T48jbBiLCggJiX5Blf
On 6/7/08, Clay appeared in a CNN Interview.
CNN Interview
On 9/27/06, Clay appeared on Larry King Live to speak about his album.
On 10/6/05, CNN hosted a dinner in Los Angeles honoring their long time interview host, Larry King. A number of celebrities were present, including Morgan Fairchild and Clay. https://photos.google.com/search/larry%20king%20live/photo/AF1QipOac4V18WQ1w6z7i4mVNgSzfcHXE49_WkWmCqt4
On 9/3/05, Clay went on Larry King Live to discuss the hurricane relief efforts


In March of 2005 Clay appeared in some international media. CNN Korea had an article based on Clay's November appearance on the Larry King Live CNN talk show and Mexican papers included coverage of Clay's appointment as a UNICEF ambassador and also McDonald's World's Children Day. https://photos.google.com/search/larry%20king%20live/photo/AF1QipPIhEhyWeYMe0hVmrF9Y1nYj5iGApNisgJlCxF_
On 11/15/04, Clay appeared on Larry King Live. He announced his UNICEF ambassador status that night.
On 3/6/04, Clay appeared on CNN: People in the News

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On 8/13/03, Clay appeared on CNN Headline News
On 5/23/03, Clay appeared on Larry King Live with Ruben.