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Arsenio Hall Show

Dec 19, 2013

Interview on The Arsenio Hall Show

Clay and Arsenio caught up with each other.  They discussed a wide range of topics, including their friendship and their time on Apprentice.  Arsenio asked Clay about how he felt about Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and his anti-LGBT comments in GQ magazine; Clay discussed homophobia and how unfortunately it was still considered acceptable in some places.  However, Clay sees that progress has been made.  Arsenio asked Clay about recording; Clay mentioned that he was working on his foundation, noted his ten years since AI, and said that he was focusing his energies to give his voice to people who don't have one and whose voices haven't been heard.

Watch Clay and Arsenio discuss homophobia here:

Dec 19, 2013

Guest appearance on The Arsenio Hall show.

Arsenio started to sing "This Christmas" to a fan in the front row. Clay came out shortly after as an unexpected guest and finished the song beautifully!   He was really into the performance. Arsenio greeted him after the song with a big hug.

Watch the performance here:

Clay on Arsenio

Clay singing on Arsenio