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Date and Description
Fountaindawg's Recaps
June 17/10 "The Insider" entertainment news show included a short interview clip on air & posted a slightly different version on-line. Though short, they covered a lot of territory! Clay talked about the impact of becoming a father and briefly addressed his 'coming out' process, even getting in a quick plug for the 'Timeless Tour'. While promoting 'Tried & True', Clay spoke about connecting to this music and said he is an 'old soul'. He has a solid comfort level with this genre. A few short clips from the PBS special were shown. A 'then & now' photo comparison showed that someone at the show was 'asleep at the wheel'. In most markets, the photos showed Clay in Idol and Clay now. However, a few locations saw a comparison shot of 'Clay now' with AI5 contestant Michael Sandecki, the not-so-talented wannabe-lookalike that Clay surprised on-stage during the finale that year. Time for a new 'fact checker', Insider!
On 3/30/09, The Insider: Weekend Edition featured a brief interview with Clay from the GLAAD Awards in NYC.  
On 6/25/08, Clay's appeal for Somalia was featured on The Insider's website.
On 4/8/08, Clay cast his handprints in cement in New York at Planet Hollywood Restaurant. They will be part of a display at the new Planet Hollywood casino in Las Vegas. Snapshots of the event were featured on The Insider
On 3/25/08, The release date and info for "On My Way Here" hit US websites, including The Insider
On 2/20/08 and 2/21/08, we got news of a possible target date for Clay's new cd...May 6th. People Magazine, ET and The Insider all gave us this tidbit.
On 2/6/08 and 2/7/08, Clay was featured in an Insider Poll

On 10/16/07, The Insider announced Clay's new role in Spamalot
On 12/6/06, The Insider showed clips of WRAL's Lynda Loveland's tour of Clay's house.  They also reaired the clip on 12/29/06

On 11/30/06, The Insider showed clips of the American Music Awards including Tori and Clay's spoof.

On 11/29/06, Clay was shown singing Without You

From 9/18/06 - 9/22/06, Clay was shown as a promotion for A Thousand Different Ways

On 8/22/06, The Insider featured Clay's photo shoot for A Thousand Different Ways.

On 12/07/05, the Dilley sextuplets were featured. They were shown attending a Clay concert.

On 11/30/05, The Insider went backstage for the Joyful Noise Tour of 2005.

On 10/31/05, The Insider gave a behind the scenes preview for the Joyful Noise Tour of 2005
On 9/28/05  and 9/29/05, Clay attended a baby shower for Insider. Melissa Peterman who is a big fan. Reba McEntire surprised her by having Clay attend.

On 9/22/05, the Clothes off our back auction was featured. The outfit Clay wore to the Emmy's brought in a large sum.
From 9/20/05 - 9/22/05, Clay interviewed Dancing with the Stars finalists

On 9/15/05  and 9/16/05, Clay gave an Emmy Preview
On 9/15/05, Clay becomes a special reporter for The Insider
On 4/5/05, Clay's Indonesia trip for UNICEF was featured.
On 1/4/05 and 1/5/05, Clay was featured speaking about the Tsunami telethon on NBC.