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Showbiz Tonight

 On 5/5/05

Clay gave commentary about American Idol
 March 27, 2012

Clay was interviewed by A. J. Hammer. They discussed a variety of topics, including his new compilation album Steadfast, the Miss Universe transgender contestant controvery, and the Trayvon Martin case.

 Showbiz Tonight
May 10, 2012
Showbiz Tonight - HLN

Clay and Give a Damn spokesperson Cyndi Lauper were interviewed by A. J. Hammer of Showbiz Tonight. The topic was President Obama’s recent support for gay marriagge.  Clay said his primary feeling was one of joy.  He said it was a tough day for those in North Carolina with the passage of Amendment One so the response from the president was a nice way to end a pretty bad day (referring to the passage of the amendment that bans gay marriage in NC).  He was also asked about Bristol Palin’s argument against gay marriage.  He talked about his mother’s evolution on the topic.  He also talked about how LGBT people are the only ones affected by same sex marriage. and that straight people are not affected.
ShowBiz Tonight