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American Music Awards

 The American Music Awards show is one of four annual major American music awards shows. The AMAs were created by Dick Clark in 1973.

Description Fountaindawg's Recaps
 On 11/16/03, Clay appeared on the American Music Awards. He attended with his friend Amber Nix. He was nominated for two categories, Favorite Male Artist and the Fan Choice Award and won the Fan Choice Award. He sang Invisible and joined Ruben Studdard for Jesus is Love . https://photos.google.com/search/american%20music%20award/photo/AF1QipOH2n70CTevS9sia87ZZL6_cSJ8RoDvvFazF5zV
 Before the show, Jimmy Kimmel filmed some promos for the show showing him singing badly with Clay.

On 11/14/04, Clay appeared on the 32nd American Music Awards Show. Clay presented the Best Male Country Artist award with Kathy Griffin who dressed as a bride and said she was going to marry Clay. There were other photo opportunities with Ivana Trump and Jon Bon Jovi as well.
Jimmy Kimmel AMA promo

On 11/21/06, Clay appeared on the American Music Awards show with Tori Spelling. They made fun of the ongoing saga with Kelly Ripa by doing a skit about where Tori's hand has been... https://photos.google.com/search/american%20music%20award/photo/AF1QipOVNXCAuW2DzeuKUIP_CllsvfNlBH1A1JQrAatr
From 11/21/06 - 11/23/06 the spoof was played out in the press.  https://photos.google.com/search/american%20music%20award/photo/AF1QipOc3CPrMgwQVO-kyIbWRHigRmrMmIX8AJ7PivJC