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Other American Idol appearances

After the American Idol Season 2 was over, Clay continued to work with 19E and other American Idol related shows. He was part of the American Idol 2 Summer Tour and was prominently featured in two American Idol Specials. He also made visits to American Idol during season three, four and five. 

Clay on AI

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On 6/3/03, Clay helped Introduce the Canadian Idol Finalists. He and Ruben sang "Ain't no Stoppin' us now"
On 7/18/03, Clay gave advice to the Canadian Idol Wildcards


On 7/22/03, The American Idol group sang "What the world needs now"


On 8/19/03, Clay gave the American Juniors advice

On 11/25/03, Clay hosted the American Idol Christmas Special on (FOX).This Christmas special showcased talents from the different American Idol Seasons and shows. Clay sang "Don't save it all for Christmas Day", "White Christmas" with Kim Locke, "The First Noel" and various group numbers and medleys.


On 1/1/04, Clay was part of the American Idol: Life on the Road Show on (FOX): This behind-the-scenes special about the 2003 AI tour featured Clay prominently, including scenes from his homecoming in Raleigh , partial performances of TITN and "Invisible", his visit to Capitol Hill, and dealing with technical problems in Chicago.


On 3/17/04, Clay returned tothe AI stage on the top 12 show of American Idol Season 3. He sang his hit single "Solitaire" and answered a few questions from the top 12 about what they can expect after the show.


On 5/12/04,Clay sang Earth, Wind, & Fire's "Fantasy" with the remaining four contestants on the Disco Night results show. He then sat with Ryan for a short interview, where he also gave very honest comments about the contestants, the judges, and the competition in general.


On 5/26/04, Clay emceed Fantasia's hometown party in Greensboro , NC during the American idol Season 3 Finale night.


On 4/26/05 and 4/27/05, Clay was a guest in the audience at AI show. There were pictures taken by wireimage of him and the Idol contestants and judges after each show.

On 5/24/06,Clay was a guest on the AI5 Finale. He sang "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"

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On 9/29/07, it was announced that Clay would narrate the "American Idol Rewind" series. https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipM5pmp2ZGr-2Q6krdkdBle8AOmjHASge71KkAOW/photo/AF1QipP2Q8HGD7TcoDahaT4-i1MY0aA7JH2fQ0aNe8BL
From 10/07 to 11/07, Clay narrated the "American Idol Rewind" series.
On 4/3/08, Clay was interviewed by American Idol Extra about Spamalot
On 4/23/08, American Idol Season 7 had an Andrew Lloyd Webber night where they highlighted Clay's work on Broadway.
 On 4/18/13, Clay was invited back to American Idol for the first time in 7 years.  The show put together a wonderful introduction video showing how far he's come, interspersed with interview clips about National Inclusion Project and his work with Unicef.  Many clips of "Teacher" Clay were included. 

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 On 4/18/13, Clay reprised Bridge Over Troubled Water, nearly 10 years after performing it for the AI2 finals.  It  beautifully fit the theme of #ClayComesHome, a twitter hash tag shown on screen.  The judges (Keith Urban, Nikki Minaj, Randy Jackson, and Mariah Carey) gave him a standing ovation, with Mariah also blowing him a kiss.