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Often we find pictures of Clay that don't really have to do with a charity function or with his career. These might be moments caught while he was out visiting friends or seeing a show. We have tried to place all those moments in this section. 

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DateLocationDescriptionFD/CS RecapSongs PerformedMore Info Here
DateLocationDescriptionFD/CS RecapSongs PerformedMore Info Here
March 17, 2012 Raleigh, NC Tyra Banks visited Raleigh, NC, as the keynote speaker for the Womens Empowerment 2012 conference at the PNC center (sponsored by Radio One). This event focuses on enhancing the lives of African American women by addressing health, relationship, and lifestyle issues. Clay attended the event to support his friend Tyra and tweeted this cute picture, featuring Tyra in a trademark modeling pose, the "tooch", a pose that accentuates the butt by "popping" it out. CS Recap  2012 News 
February 14, 2012 Hard Rock Biloxi, Biloxi, MS February 14, 2012 Kelly Clarkson performed on her "Stronger" tour in Biloxi, Mississippi at the Hard Rock Biloxi. At each of her shows, she has been doing a different cover song. For Biloxi, she started "Open Arms." The crowd went wild when Clay walked out a minute later to join her. It was an amazing Valentine's Day surprise for Clay and Kelly fans, planned by two very good friends. See a good video here. Check out the wonderful hug they exchange at the end: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0raL-SpeksI&feature=youtu.be CS Recap Open Arms Kelly Clarkson 
January 29, 2012 Raleigh, NC January 29 - 31, 2012 Kelly Clarkson tweeted on Jan 29 about being at the movies with Clay (a snarky comment about being quiet at the movies). He responded with an equally snarky response. We still don't know what they saw...or if anyone needed to be slapped. Two days later, Clay and friend Quiana Parler attended Kelly's concert in Durham, NC. The News & Observer posted a great photo of him in the audience. He enjoyed the show immensely and tweeted a great picture. Kelly's response (via twitter) was "who is that sexy couple?!" Lynda Loveland of WRAL-FM also attended the show. She posted a nice backstage picture....taken by a certain Mr. Aiken (see the photographer in the mirror). CS Recap none  
January 19, 2012 Durham, NC Clay tweeted his tickets to Adam Carolla's show at the Carolina Theatre in Durham. He was understandably nervous about Adam's show...since he expected a few jokes aimed his way. Adam mentioned Clay in the audience, then invited him backstage. Adam posted a short backstage video via "keek", which is a method to post small smartphone video clips via tweet. Click the link below to see the video. http://www.keek.com/!Da8aaab CS Recap   
December 12, 2010 Texas Clay spent some personal time in Texas in December. Photos posted at Twitter and on Facebook showed him at performances of two plays: the musical ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and the play ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’  fd recap   
November 20, 2010 Broadway and Durham, NC November: Broadway Connections On Nov. 14th, Clay joined the touring cast of 'Billy Elliot' as they celebrated the start of their run in Durham, NC. Back in New York, Clay attended the Nov. 20th performance of the musical 'Promises Promises' on Broadway. He had met the star, Kristen Chenoweth on previous occasions and went back stage after the show. Kristen Tweeted, "He's so adorable!" In an interview about his work, renowned composer Alan Menken was asked what his favorite memories of working with Disney were. he mentioned recording of 'Proud of You Boy' with Clay for the special edition of the DVD "Aladdin". FD Recap   
October 11, 2010 Around North Carolina Around North Carolina: AikenStandard.com posted an article identifying 10 famous people & /things associated with the surname 'Aiken'. Clay topped the list of interesting items. The Raleigh landmark restaurant 'Mecca' hosts a signed 'Tried & True' "Thank You" message from Clay The site was one of the local attractions used as a backdrop for the album photoshoot. A sharp-eyed visitor snapped a picture of Clay with some friends at the Duke University Chapel. Clay attended UNC-Charlotte so this area of the state is like a second 'home turf' for him. FD Recap   
October 7, 2010 Subway in NYC Clay? On the Subway? With Tyra? Riders on the NYC subway on October 7, 2010 must have been surprised to find themselves sharing the ride with Clay and his good friend, supermodel Tyra Banks ... and a member of the ever-present NYC paparazzi! FD Recap   
August 27, 2010 Durham, NC Aug. 27/10: Politics & Profiles On August 27th, Clay was a special guest at a fundraiser in Durham, NC the event was held in support of Elaine Marshall, the Democratic candidate for for the US Senate for that area. Clay's presence was noted in the 'Under the Dome' political blog of the News & Observer. A bio for Simon Cowell on the 'X Factor' website (British edition) listed only three Ex-Idol singers as examples of those who were partially under his 'SyCo Music' company. The three performers included were Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Clay. On a totally different topic: Clay was included among 'the daily Beast' slide show on celebrity men who wear mandals. FD Recap   
August 27, 2010 Twitter/News and Observer On August 27th, Clay was a special guest at a fundraiser in Durham, NC the event was held in support of Elaine Marshall, the Democratic candidate for for the US Senate for that area. Clay's presence was noted in the 'Under the Dome' political blog of the News & Observer. FD Recap   
April 10, 2010 Duke University, Durham, NC Apr. 10, 2010 Al Gore Speaks at Duke University, Durham NC Cl;ay was one of the area residents who attended the speech by the former Vice President who addressed environmental issues of climate change.  FD Recap   
February 9, 2010 Youtube Decca Music posted a promo for `The Canadian Tenors on YouTube ( Canadian Tenors Sizzle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61d-9LCRyNc). The clip included still shots of `legendary artists` with whom the Tenors have `shared a stage`: David Foster, Andrea Bocelli. Sting, Sheryl Crow. Sarah McLaughlin, Alicia Keys, Donny Osmond and ... CLAY Fd Recap   
November 6, 2009 San Francisco, CA Cool shades, dude! Clay stopped at SF Optics in San Francisco to pick up some new sunglasses. The business posted this great photo with Clay wearing one of the two new sunglasses that he purchased. FD Recap   
October 31, 2009 North Carolina's Governor's office A few October odds & ends:  fd recap   
September 24, 2009 Kennedy Theatre, Raleigh, NC Sept. 24/09: Clay attended a performance of the play 'Drift' in Raleigh. FD Recap   
September 7, 2009 Montreal, Canada Sept. 7, 2009: And now ... Montreal!!! Clay posed for a photo with this lucky lady on the streets of old Montreal. He looks happy, but that's quite the combination of shirts, Clay! Fd Recap   
August 27, 2009 NYC, NY Aug. 27, 2009: Decca Records Twittered this great picture of Clay with A&R exec David Novik at Decca's NYC headquarters. Fd Recap   
August 22, 2009 Atlanta, GA Aug. 22/23, 2009 Atlanta Pics: After being MIA for some time, A couple of great pics surfaced from Atlanta. Clay posed with a woman and child at Varsity restaurant, a drive-in style diner popular with locals and tourists. The second photo was taken at the Atlanta airport the following day. Fd Recap   
January 24, 2009 Barnum play While in Florida preparing for the GFI event, Clay took time out to visit ex-Spamalot co-star Brad Oscar who was now working in the play 'Barnum' in that general area.  Fd Recap none  
January 17, 2009 Greensboro, NC Clay visits Ain't Misbehavin' FD Recap none Ain't Misbehavin 
December 23, 2008 Sardi's Restaurant in NYC  Clay received an great honour! His caricature was added to the famous collection of Broadway stars at Sardi's restaurant in NYC.  Fd Recap  Sardi's Caricature 
November 3, 2008 New York, NY Clay went to visit Spring Awakening on Broadway FD Recap none  
October 31, 2008 NYC Clay took a photo with the young actor from Billy Elliot, a play on Broadway FD Recap none  
October 29, 2008 Bon Appetit' Supper Club, NYC David Foster's birthday bash included some very well-known people. Clay attended with Jaymes, David's sister. FD Recap none  
October 24, 2008 New York Hilton Hotel Clay attended the Friar's Club 'roast' of morning show host Matt Lauer FD Recap none Matt Lauer Roast 
September 18, 2008 Broadway Clay attended the premiere of the new Broadway play, A Tale of Two Cities FD Recap none  
September 5, 2008 Hannah Waddingham's Website Hannah Waddingham posted some cast pics taken during her time in Spamalot on her website FD Recap none Events - Broadway 
August 8, 2008 Raleigh, N.C. Parker Foster Aiken was born FD Recap none  
May 6, 2008 Virgin Megastore, NYC Clay participated in an album signing at the Virgin Megastore in New York City FD Recap none Photo Shoots and Promotional Advertising 
April 8, 2008 Planet Hollywood, NY Clay cast his handprints in cement to be part of a display at the new Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas FD Recap none Planet Hollywood 
March 11, 2008 Spamalot, Shubert Theatre, NY, NY Rosie O' Donnell and her partner Kelli Rowland attended Spamalot and took photos with Clay backstage FD Recap none  
February 18, 2008 Metropolitan Room, New York, NY Clay attended Tammy Faye Sings Songs from the Big Tent, The Tammy Faye Bakker Musical - Clay's Friends Quiana Parler, Sean McDaniel, Ben Cohn, and Jenny Hill were all part of the show FD Recap none  
January 14, 2008 NC State Theatre Clay went to see Quiana Parler's opening night of Dreamgirls FD Recap none  
October 18, 2007  Clay and Flat Stanley FD Recap none Flat Stanley 
October 14, 2007 North Carolina State Fair, Raleigh, NC Clay and some friends attended Ruben Studdard's concert FD Recap none  
October 1, 2007 New York, NY Clay Aiken attended a UNICEF hosted book launch party for Jenna Bush's book, Ana's Story. FD Recap none Events - UNICEF 
August 1, 2007 Los Angeles, CA Kelly Clarkson came to Clay's show and took a photo.  FD Recap none  
July 5, 2007 Idol The Musical  FD Recap   
June 15, 2007 Concert  A group of fans from Japan came over to enjoy the tour and Kelly came by a concert to take a picture with Clarkson Fd Recap none  
February 17, 2007 Steven Curtis Chapman concert in NC Clay joined Steven onstage to sing a song FD Recap The Great Adventure  
October 3, 2006 New York, NY Clay went to see Diana DeGarmo in Hairspray, Also took pictures with Hilary and Haley Duff FD Recap none  
October 3, 2006 Hairspray on Broadway Clay went to see Hairspray on Broadway and visited with Diana DeGarmo backstage. He also ran into Hillary and Haley Duff.  FD Recap none Out and about list 
September 27, 2006 Quiana Parler's myspace Quiana posted some pictures of the band on her myspace FD Recap none  
September 18, 2006 CD Release Parties Clay fans around the US and Canada and even some in Singapore gathered together at midnight to celebrate the release of Clay's cd, A thousand different ways. FD Recap  Out and about list 
September 1, 2006  Photo with Per Magnusson and David Kreuger, producers of A Thousand Different Ways FD Recap none  
July 3, 2006 Raleigh, NC Clay, Ruben, and some friends went to Kelly Clarkson's concert. FD Recap none  
July 1, 2006 YMCA, Raleigh, NC Clay visited a YMCA while home FD Recap none  
June 14, 2006  Quiana Parler welcomes her son into the world. Quiana shared photos of Clay with Chamberlin. FD Recap none  
June 14, 2006 RBC Center in Raleigh, NC Clay and a friend took in game five of the 2006 Stanley cup Finals between the Edmonton Oilers and the Carolina Hurricanes FD Recap none  
April 22, 2006 New York, NY Clay attended the Broadway play, The Color Purple FD Recap none  
October 6, 2005 Los Angeles, CA Clay attended a CNN dinner honoring Larry King FD Recap none  
September 9, 2005 Fashion Week, New York, NY Clay attended the Kenneth Cole Fashion Show FD Recap none Kenneth Cole Fashion Show 
July 23, 2005 California To celebrate their 10th Anniversary, Amazon.com brought in special delivery agents. Over a period of ten days, 23 customers received a surprise visit with their order. On 7/23/05, a mother-daughter team found their Learning to Sing order brought to the door by the author himself...Clay. Fd Recap none Amazon Special Delivery 
June 22, 2005 Los Angeles, CA Clay attended the Wicked premiere  FD Recap none  
May 26, 2004 Raleigh, NC Clay attended his brother Brett Parker's graduation FD Recap none  
May 24, 2004 New York, NY Clay poses with a fan in NYC. The picture was posted at the BARC Animal Shelter site. FD Recap none  
May 22, 2004 New York, NY Clay attended a performance of Thoroughly Modern Millie on Broadway FD Recap none  
May 1, 2004 Washington, D.C. White House Correspondents Dinner FD Recap none White House Correspondent's Dinner 
February 15, 2004 Logistech Solutions Clay paid a visit to a manufacturing firm, Logistech Solutions, in connection with his Foundation. The company sure got a surprise when Clay himself walked in. FD Recap none Events - Bubel Aiken Foundation 
December 22, 2003 Crabtree Mall in Raleigh, NC A local station staged a Welcome Home for Clay at the local mall FD Recap Clay joined the crowd as they sang Invisible to him Skate with Clay and Hurricane's Kids N Community Foundation 
December 20, 2003 Charlotte, NC Clay receives his Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte FD Recap none UNCC Graduation 
November 22, 2003 Raleigh, NC Clay was the Grand Marshal of the annual Raleigh Christmas parade.  FD Recap none Raleigh Christmas Parade 
August 11, 2003 Camp Timberlake, NC Clay was a surprise guest at the Camp Timberlake Idol Show. Dressed as the phantom, Clay came onstage to interrupt a camper singing "This is the Night" FD Recap This is the Night  
August 8, 2003 Charlotte, NC While Clay was on the AI2 tour in Charlotte, NC, Mayor McCrory declared this day Clay Aiken Day FD Recap none  
June 1, 2003 New York, NY Clay and Ruben went to visit Frenchie and see her in Rent FD Recap none  
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