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Feb 5, 2014
Interview with Raleigh News & Observer

Clay discussed his thoughts about his candidacy and politics.  He said "I think that Washington is....dysfunctional."  He said that he was not changed by Hollywood and would not be changed by Washington.  He emphasized that he was not a politician - that it would not be a career for him.  Clay said "A representative should do just that.  I'm into representing people."  He recalled an 8th grade assignment to interview someone they admired.  While most students chose teachers or other close adults, he interviewed former NC governor Terry Sanford.  Clay said that Sanford understood how important education was to the state.  He tries to emulate Sanford in his current thoughts.
News and Observer interview
April 2009:Clay's up-coming appearance on 'America's Top Model' was featured as one of the television picks to watch in many listings.
Apr. 2/09: In an AP Radio interview, David Foster sang the praises of Clay & Jaymes as parents. His description of Clay as a 'spectacular father' was picked up by many celebrity news outlets.
On 1/27/06, the Raleigh News and Observer had a section in the newspaper with suggestions for potential locations where Clay could build his home.

On 8/5/06, The Raleigh News and Observer posted an article called Br-Aiken Hearts
On 5/4/07, Grey Blackwell from Raleigh's paper The News and Observer posted a web cartoon having fun with the North Carolina Idol Contestants. It featured Clay and his puppies, Raleigh and Durham, Clay's mom Faye, Kellie Pickler, Chris Daughtry, Bucky Covington, and Fantasia Barrino.
On 1/6/08, The Raleigh News and Observer posted a list of things to look for in 2008. Clay's name appeared in reference to Quiana Parler and also his debut on Broadway.
 On 4/1/08
The Raleigh News and Observer used Clay's name for an April Fool's Headline