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Outfest is the leading organization showcasing, nurturing and preserving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender film images and artistry. For 29 years Outfest has led the charge, spotlighting emerging talent, creating community between filmmakers and audiences and offering a world-class forum for stories that reflect and often transform LGBT lives.

Since its founding in 1982, Outfest has showcased over 4,500 films for audiences well over half a million people. Our festivals, year-round screening series and special events bring together film lovers, innovative artists, celebrities, entertainment industry professionals … and some of the hottest parties around!

Outfest is also the only nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that the extensive but threatened LGBT film heritage is preserved. Since the beginning of the struggle for LGBT equality, visionary filmmakers have recorded their lives, challenges and triumphs on film. Outfest is committed to saving, preserving and providing access to that precious, affirming heritage for generations to come.


The premiere of the funnyordie spoof video was held at the Outfest Film Festival in Los Angeles. Clay and Tori Spelling attended the event. Kristen Schaffer, the executive director of Outfest, did the introductions.

The Drop Dead Diva episode "Prom" was premiered at a special panel at Outfest. Clay, series regulars April Bowlby and Ben Feldman, director Jamie Babbit, and executive producer Josh Berman participated. They screened the episode and participated in a Q&A about the significance of the episode to issues involving acceptance of the LGBT community.

Chris Trondsen of Pacific Rim Video interviewed Clay about filming Drop Dead Diva, the skit, and future plans.  Clay enjoyed being able to drive to Georgia to film Drop Dead Diva.  He said the show has a great draw for guest stars.  He did not meet Wanda Sykes or Lance Bass but enjoyed filming a scene with Amanda Bearse.  He talked about the funnyordie skit and noted that Tori Spelling has a great sense of humor.  In regard to future plans, he plans to gear back up in a few months, likely focusing on Broadway and singing.  He noted he's not happy unless he can sing.