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Family Equality Council

Family Equality Council Gala

May 8, 2012

Clay was a featured performer at the Family Equality Council gala at Pier 60
23rd St. and the Hudson River in New York, NY This year's theme was "A Night at the Pier".  Clay sang "This Is the Moment" and "Home."  Between songs, he gave a short speech, in which he emphasized the importance of the work of the Family Equality Council.  He also referred to being disappointed by the passing of Amendment One in North Carolina that day, hence the continued need for the work of groups like Family Equality Council.
Family Equality Council Night at the Tavern

Apr. 21, 2009 

'Night at the Tavern': The Family Equality Council hosted an evening that honored Clay for his positive profile as a gay parent, and also Terri Boggis who is the director of "Center Kids" at the LGBT Center in NYC. Entertainment was provided by singer Linda Eder.  Clay made a brief speech. He even teased the fans who attended, joking that they must have thought that he was there to sing. *g

Family Equality Council

Here are scans of the biographical page from the booklet prepared for the Family Equality Council 'Night at the Tavern' and one of the ads as well. The 'Tavern on the Green' restaurant was the site of the event.

Media surrounding Family Equality Council Award

April 22, 2009

The Family Equality Council blog carried a brief summary of the event, including links to photos and to some fan video that had been posted at various Clay fan boards. FOX 5 television carried a brief segment on their news recap.