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Tsunami telethon

Clay participated in the NBC4 telethon in January 2005, and recorded public service announcements in support of South Asia tsunami relief efforts.

You can listen to the PSA by clicking on the attachment at the bottom of the page or by going to this link.

In January of 2005 Clay was part of an NBC campaign to help with tsunami relief. Nancy O'Dell from Access Hollywood was one of the co-hosts of the telethon. Clay spoke about the urgent need to re-establish schools which help bring a sense of normalcy back to the lives of children in times of hardship. The clip was shown on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and Access Hollywood.
Fountaindawg made a number of wallpapers inspired by Clay's work with UNICEF. Below is a slideshow of them.

Fountaindawg UNICEF wallpapers


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Kathy Kann,
Mar 19, 2009, 1:22 PM