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Clay Aiken PSA for Pakistan

Singer-songwriter & UNICEF Ambassador, Clay Aiken, calls for more help for children affected by the devastating floods in Pakistan. Learn more about UNICEF's emergency relief efforts for children in Pakistan.

Aug. 27/10 UNICEF: Pakistan Flood Emergency

The PSA series that featured Clay and several other Goodwill Ambassadors began to air. raising addition funds to assist the people of Pakistan was an urgent issue. Four million children & their families had been dealing with the aftermath of the worst flooding in a century.

The PSA series for UNICEF was noted by many entertainment sites. The goal of such work is to bring greater awareness to the problem, in this case the Pakistan flood relief. Celebrities like Clay, Pete Wentz and Alyssa Milano help to expand that awareness to a wider audience.

August PSAs

Clay stopped by 'Constant creative' studio to record video segments for inclusion in UNICEF's new PSA series. The organization was raising funds to assist the people of Pakistan who were facing the results of the worst flooding in their country in a century. Clay & other Goodwill Ambassadors participated
 in encouraging public donations.