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Tabasco was subject to heavy rain in late October and early November 2007, causing wi despread flooding. As much as 80% of the state was under water. At least 20,000 people were forced to leave their houses in the search of emergency shelter. Over 1,000,000 residents were affected.

UNICEF deployed two missions to assess the needs of children in the aftermath of the floods that hit the Mexican states of Tabasco and Chiapas. The two UNICEF teams identified the most urgent needs of children, and started immediate action to provide children with essential services like psychosocial support and protection. They also evaluated the situation of schools to ensure that classes resume as promptly as possible. 

The Buzz shows footage from Mexico Trip


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On 12/19/07, UNICEF and Clay started their Mexico Fund-raiser.

On 12/21/07, Clay posted a blog about his future trip to Mexico on the UNICEF site. He explained what had happened in Mexico with the flooding and invited folks to donate to a special fund-raising challenge.

On 12/25/07, Clay spent Christmas in Mexico bringing awareness to the flooding situation. He visited schools and brought his mother and brother as well.  He blogged about his experiences.

On 12/25/07, the Fox News show, "The Buzz" had some great clips of Clay in Mexico.

On 12/27/07, Entertainment Tonight covered Clay's mission to Mexico. Clay also wrote in his blog about some of his favorite moments.

On 12/28/07, an Argentine website gave Clay's UNICEF trip to Mexico some very nice coverage.

In December of 2007, the UNICEF trip was picked up by many news outlets.

On 12/30/07, The Raleigh Chronicle had an article about Clay's visit to Mexico over the holidays.

On 12/31/07, UNICEF posted an update on the totals for the Mexican Campaign. The goal of 100,000 dollars was attained.

On 1/7/08, UNICEF and Clay thanked the fans for supporting the Christmas fund-raising effort for Mexican flood victims.

On 2/4/08, Clay did an interview with Lynda Loveland about his trip to Mexico.