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On 12/26/04, an earthquake in the Indian Ocean caused a tsunami that left more than 122,000 dead and about 114,000 missing in Aceh.  On 3/14/05, Clay visited Banda Aceh, Indonesia. He was there as a Goodwill UNICEF ambassador to help bring awareness to the tsunami ravaged area. On 12/26/04 an earthquake in the Indian Ocean caused a tsunami that left more than 122,000 dead and about 114,000 missing in Aceh.

In January of 2005, Clay was part of an NBC campaign to help with tsunami relief. Nancy O'Dell from Access Hollywood was one of the co-hosts of the telethon. Clay spoke about the urgent need to re-establish schools which help bring a sense of normalcy back to the lives of children in times of hardship. The clip was shown on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and Access Hollywood.

On 1/5/05, Clay took part in an hour long program to raise funds to support the survivors of the tsunami tragedy in Southeast Asia. As a new UNICEF ambassador Clay spoke about the need to re-establish schools for children. WNBC in New York produced this special which was carried on many NBC stations and affiliates nationwide. Clay also recorded PSA's for the effort. You can listen to the PSA at the bottom of our page. Check out our page about the telethon.

On 1/11/05, The Cartoon Network prepared a series of PSA's to encourage young viewers to aid the tsunami victims in Asia. Supertramp's classic song, "Give A Little Bit" was performed in clips by Five for Fighting's John Ondrasik, India Arie and By Clay. A fourth video was a blend of all three performances. It was animated and seen in 160 countries world wide. Find out more information at the website or at our page here.

In March 2005, while touring Indonesia three months after the tsunami devastated vast areas of South Asia, Clay witnessed and participated in UNICEF programs that helped children reconnect with their families, provided care for orphans, allowed children to return to school and helped prevent the spread of disease.

On March 18, 2005, after finishing his tour of Indonesia, Clay appeared at the Forces of Nature Concert for Tsunami Aid in Malaysia. Clay delivered a short speech to a huge crowd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He gave his speech in the native language of Malaysia, Bahasa Malaysia. He did a lot of press for the event and for UNICEF in general. Check out our page for this concert.

On March 23 and 24th of 2005, WRAL aired two different segments of an interview Clay did with Lynda Loveland about his trip to Indonesia.

On April 5, 2005, The Insider showed clips from Clay's trip to the flood stricken area of Banda Aceh, the area hardest hit by the December tsunami.

In April of 2005 The print media included coverage of Clay's trip to Indonesia in both TV Guide and People.

On 12/6/05, Clay visited the Learning Project Elementary School in Boston, Massachusetts for UNICEF. They raised 16,000 towards tsunami relief efforts.

On 11/1/07, Clay was invited to address a group of teachers at Yale. He spoke about his UNICEF trip to Afghanistan.

Clay's work in Banda Aceh as an ambassador for UNICEF was highlighted in the 2005 People Yearbook edition.

On 1/30/07, Clay took part in a special campaign called Up Close with UNICEF. He and other ambassadors asked questions which encouraged discussion and responses online and gave links to more information. Other ambassadors that took part in this campaign included Alyssa Milano, Danny Glover, Lucy Liu, Laurence Fishburne, Tea Leoni, Marcus Samuelsson, India Arie & Elton Brand. The video is on the left.