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DateDescriptionLocationCS/Fountaindawg RecapMore Info Here
DateDescriptionLocationCS/Fountaindawg RecapMore Info Here
September 29, 2012 Clay was the featured guest performer at UNICEF's Water For Life Gala in Calgary, Canada. This was a special 20th anniversary celebration to mark UNICEF galas. UNICEF Canada's president David Morley gave a keynote speech, which emphasized the need for clean drinking water for the world's children. This was a sold out private event so we do not have too many details but some attendees tweeted their appreciation for his performance and a few pictures. He performed a selection of standards, including I Can't Make You Love Me, Build Me Up Buttercup, Unchained Melody, and songs to a Canadian montage. Calgary CS Recap Water For Life Gala 
July 28, 2011 Huffington Post Blog: "Support Somalia (Because Mother Nature Ain't)" Huffington Post CS Recap Huffington Post 
July 23, 2011 Debut of Unicef PSA for Horn of Africa famine relief - This video was debuted at on July 23, 2011. Clay is the only Unicef celebrity ambassador who has visited Somalia so he debuted the video on his official web site. Clay Aiken Website CS Recap Somalia and Kenya 
July 22, 2011 AOL interview: Clay Aiken Uses His Powerful Voice. - Clay was interviewed about the unprecedented drought and famine in the Horn of Africa and Somalia. He urged donations to Unicef to help the affected children. AOL music blog CS Recap AOL page 
November 22, 2010 Nov. 22, 2010 UNICEF Ebay Auction UNICEF ran an auction for 'an ultimate VIP experience' with proceeds to benefit the US Fund for UNICEF. Included were 2 tickets to the up-coming 'Tried & True Tour' concert of the winner's choice, a Meet & Greet with Clay and an autographed CD. The winning bid was $2575. Ebay FD Recap  
August 31, 2010 The PSA series for UNICEF was noted by many entertainment sites. The goal of such work is to bring greater awareness to the problem, in this case the Pakistan flood relief. Celebrities like Clay, Pete Wentz and Alyssa Milano help to expand that awareness to awider audience. PSA FD Recap Pakistan 
July 15, 2010 UNICEF posted information and a great photo from the recent Key Club convention. They provided background on the long-established connection between the two organizations. A press release officially announced the grant from CVS Caremark to the National Inclusion Project to further its inclusive programs. UNICEF website FD Recap 2010 Key Club International Convention 
January 11, 2010 Jan. 11/2010: Key Club Convention It was announced that Clay would be one of the speakers at the up-coming July 2010 'Key Club International Convention' in Memphis TN. Clay had a short message on the website: "Thanks to all Key Club members for your support of UNICEF. I am looking forward to seeing you in Memphis this summer to share more about the great work UNICEF is doing and how your support is making a huge difference in the lives of children around the world." Key Club Convention in Memphis, TN FD Recap Key Club 
December 30, 2009 The UNICEF website posted Clay's Huffington Post blog in their 'Field Notes' section the following day. They included a great photo of Clay with Somali children taken during his visit to the area. UNICEF website FD Recap Somalia and Kenya 
December 29, 2009 Clay blogs about Somalia - Progress in Somalia Despite Difficult Circumstances The Huffington Post  The Huffington Post - Progress in Somalia Despite Difficult Circumstances 
December 29, 2009 Dec. 29/09 Clay posted a blog/article on developments in Somalia for the Huffington Post on-line news site. Having traveled to the country in his capacity as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, he had personally seen the conditions in the country and knew of progress made and improvements still desperately needed. Huffington Post FD Recap Somalia and Kenya 
January 22, 2009 UNICEF blog used on site site FD Recap One 
December 19, 2008 12 Days of UNICEF - UNICEF began a Christmas campaign to raise awareness and also money to provide necessary items for children in many needy areas of the world. Twelve of their Goodwill Ambassadors blogged, one per day. Clay's message appeared on Christmas Day UNICEF site FD Recap 12 Days of UNICEF 
November 8, 2008 Clay participated in UNICEF's 'Believe in Zero' PSA to bring awareness and encourage donations. This campaign aims to reduce and hopefully eventually eliminate the unnecessary deaths of children world-wide from illnesses that are easily treatable or preventable.  FD Recap PSAs for UNICEF 
September 9, 2008 UNICEF included a video on their site of Clay talking about Malaria No More and their association with UNICEF. It was titled Give the Gift of Growing Up.  FD Recap PSAs for UNICEF 
July 15, 2008 Blog about Somalia UNICEF site FD Recap Somalia and Kenya 
July 6, 2008 The Survival Project: One Child at a Time CNN FD Recap The Survival Project 
June 25, 2008 Clay's message about Somalia goes worldwide  FD Recap Somalia and Kenya 
June 25, 2008 Clay appeals for world attention on Somalia  FD Recap Somalia and Kenya 
May 9, 2008 Clay appeared on MSNBC News to speak about the efforts of UNICEF in Myanmar after that region had been hit by a massive hurricane MSNBC News FD Recap Myanmar 
April 21, 2008 On April 21st Gather website hosted an interview that focused on his work with UNICEF and the Bubel Aiken Foundation  FD Recap Videos and Webisodes 
March 18, 2008 The Tap Project Entertainment Tonight FD Recap Tap Project 
February 4, 2008 Clay interview on WRAL-TV morning news about his Mexican UNICEF trip Raleigh, NC FD Recap Mexico 
January 7, 2008 UNICEF and Clay thanked the fans for supporting the Christmas fund-raising effort for Mexican flood victims UNICEF blog  FD Recap Mexico 
December 31, 2007 UNICEF posted an update on the totals for the Mexican Campaign. The goal of 100,000 dollars was attained UNICEF blog FD Recap Mexico 
December 27, 2007 Entertainment Tonight covered Clay's mission to Mexico. Clay also wrote in his blog about some of his favorite moments.  Entertainment Tonight FD Recap Entertainment Tonight 
December 25, 2007 Clay spent Christmas in Mexico bringing awareness to the flooding situation. He visited schools and brought his mother and brother as well. Mexico FD Recap Mexico 
December 25, 2007 Some great clips of Clay in Mexico were shown Fox News's show, "The Buzz"  FD Recap Mexico 
December 21, 2007 Clay posted a blog about his future trip to Mexico on the UNICEF site. He explained what had happened in Mexico with the flooding and invited folks to donate to a special fund-raising challenge UNICEF site FD Recap Mexico 
December 19, 2007 UNICEF and Clay started their Mexico Fund-raiser.   FD Recap Mexico 
November 1, 2007 Clay was invited to address a group of teachers. He spoke about his UNICEF trip to Afghanistan Council on Southeast Asia Studies at Yale University FD Recap Out and About 
October 1, 2007 Clay Aiken attended a UNICEF hosted book launch party for Jenna Bush's book, Ana's Stor New York UNICEF House FD Recap Out and about 
April 12, 2007 Afghanistan Appeal: 100 thousand in 10 days  FD Recap Afghanistan 
April 3, 2007 Clay visits Afghanistan for UNICEF Afghanistan FD Recap Afghanistan 
January 30, 2007 Yahoo and UNICEF joined forces for Up Close with UNICEF online FD Recap Up Close with UNICEF 
January 3, 2007 Child Survival PSA PSA FD Recap PSAs 
November 18, 2006 Clay Aiken and Darryl Dawkins joined UNICEF for the lighting of the UNICEF snowflake New York FD Recap Snowflake Lighting 
May 10, 2006 Clay and UNICEF visited the school that won the first ever UNICEF Kids helping Kids Challenge when they raised over 14 thousand dollars through Trick or Treat for UNICEF and other fund raising efforts. In support of the challenge, Proctor and Gamble donated $150,000 to UNICEF Middlesex Middle School, Darien, Ct. FD Recap Trick or Treat 
February 1, 2006 UNICEF included a profile of Clay in their February magazine. It was called Bridging two passions for the World's Children UNICEF magazine FD Recap  
December 8, 2005 Amazon was running a series of 'backstage' videos to encourage customer donations to assist victims of hurricanes in the Southern U.S. FD Recap Hurricane Katrina 
December 6, 2005 Clay visited the Learning Project Elementary School for UNICEF. They raised 16,000 towards tsunami relief efforts. Boston, Massachusetts FD Recap Trick or Treat 
December 2, 2005 UNICEF and Clay went to visit a school that raised over 5,000 for UNICEF. Clay showed off a 'school in a box' and talked to them about what UNICEF does P.S. 3 in New York City FD Recap Trick or Treat 
September 3, 2005 Clay discussed different ways people could help Hurricane Katrina victims Larry King Live FD Recap Hurricane Katrina 
July 1, 2005 Clay's work with charities was highlighted in some magazines including People and J14. People, J14 Magazine Fd Recap J14 
May 31, 2005 UNICEF announced that Clay would be the National Spokesman for the 2005 Trick or Treat for UNICEF fund raising campaign  FD Recap Trick or Treat 
May 1, 2005 Clay visited some of the camps for displaced people, night commuter shelters and reception centers for formerly abducted children in Uganda Kitgum, Gulu and Katakwi districts FD Recap Uganda 
April 14, 2005 Clay testified before Congress on behalf of UNICEF  Congress FD Recap Text of Congressional Testimony 
April 5, 2005 The Insider showed clips from Clay's trip to the flood stricken area of Banda Aceh, the area hardest hit by the December tsunami.  Fd Recap Indonesia 
March 14, 2005 Clay visited the tsunami ravaged area of Indonesia Banda Aceh, Indonesia FD Recap Indonesia 
January 11, 2005 Give a Little Bit PSA for Cartoon Network FD Recap Kidshelpout 
January 5, 2005 Tsunami Relief Telethon NBC FD Recap Indonesia 
November 15, 2004  Clay appeared on Larry King Live for an exclusive interview. They discussed a number of topics including Clay's book, cd and upcoming tv special. however, the big surprise was that Clay announced he had been asked by UNICEF to be one of their goodwill ambassadors. His focus would be on educational issues, a perfect fit for the Special education major. Larry King Live FD Recap CNN 
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