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DateLocationDescriptionFountaindawg RecapMore Info HereSource
December 10, 2011 Raleigh, NC December 10 - National Inclusion Project Gala The annual gala was held in Raleigh. The Champions of Change honorees were Walgreens, Chris Burke, and Kevin Connolly. The following sites have more information about these nominees: Clay performed a full concert, including the following set list: All Is Well, A Thousand Days, O Holy Night, Mary Did You Know, I Survived You, Invisible, As Long As We're Here, Where I Draw The Line, Emmanuel, Don't Save It All For Christmas Day, Unchained Melody, Bring Back My Love (new song), Hallelujah Like CS Recap 2011 Champions of Change Gala - Raleigh, NC  
September 9, 2011 Website Team Clay posted a news item about rescheduling of the National Inclusion Project gala from Oct. to Dec. due to a network television filming conflict for Clay. This is the ninth annual Champions Gala. CS Recap 2011 Champions of Change Gala - Raleigh, NC / 
December 31, 2010 Facebook  After coming very close to a Top 10 finish and a $50,000 award from Pepsi Refresh in the previous couple of months, the National Inclusion Project pulled in enough votes to finish in the top spot in its category for December! That money is enough to fund five summer camps where children with and without disabilities can share experiences & fun together. Clay thanked all who voted in support of the Project in his blog at the Official fan Club. fd recap 2010 News  
November 12, 2010 NIP Website The National Inclusion Project posted a report on the 2010 Gala which was held on October 15th & 16th.. Over $370,000 was raised to support the activities of the Project! fd recap 2010 Champions of Change Gala - Raleigh  
September 3, 2010 Charity Navigator 'National Inclusion Project' Gets Top Rating 'Charity Navigator' evaluates charities based on how efficiently they utilize the funds that are raised. For the second consecutive year, the N.I.P. earned their top 'Four Star' rating. FD Recap  Charity Navigator site 
March 1, 2010 Ebay Five special auction packages were posted on EBay to raise money for the National Inclusion Project. On March 12, 2010, Clay would be recording a television special slated to air later this year on PBS. The auctions were tied to the taping. Each of the five lucky winners would win: Attending the dress rehearsal in Raleigh on Thursday, March 11th. A guided tour of the backstage area following the dress rehearsal (hosted by Mary Brennan). An exclusive sit down Q&A with Clay following the dress rehearsal. 2 tickets to the live show on Friday, March 12th. A grand total of $36,500 was raised. FD Recap PBS Tried and True  
February 1, 2010 Mirasol Country Club, Palm Beach Gardens, FL The third annual GFI for the National Inclusion project was held a Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Co-founders Clay & Diane Bubel were again joined by golf pro Wayne Player. Though rain drove the golfers off the course early, the rest of the day was a great success. Guests enjoyed a live auction of golf-related goodies and Clay-centric items and a lovely dinner. They were then treated to a mini-concert by Clay, including a couple of songs from his up-coming Decca release and requests made by donors to the foundation. A Florida children's camp run by the Lion's Club was the recipient of one of the 2010 grants. Other groups receiving grants will be announced later. FD Recap 2010 Golfing for Inclusion  
December 15, 2009  The National Inclusion Project announced an opportunity for young people to become more involved in the field of inclusion. They are participating in a national summit with the goal of "developing an advocacy campaign that builds awareness and support for the full social and educational inclusion of people with disabilities". 'The National Inclusion Summit' was being organized by the N.I.P in conjunction with its partners: The 'Including Samuel' Project', a program of University of New Hampshire's Institute on Disability Imagination Stage & Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation FD Recap Including Samuel  
November 24, 2009 The Beery Blog The National Inclusion Project was the topic of two items. The website noted the Christie Cookies charity contest win by the organization. The creator of the video used at the 2009 Gala in October posted a blog comment about their production. (The Beery Blog.) Fd Recap 2009 Champions of Change - Raleigh  
November 10, 2009 National Inclusion Project website The Champions Gala honored several people for their contributions to the inclusion movement. Cheerleaders Sarah Cronk & Sarah Herr created a non-profit organization called "The Sparkle Effect" which encourages high school students to include children with disabilities on cheerleading squads. At the suggestion of Louisville marching band director Dr. Greg Byrne, Patrick Henry Hughes plays in a marching band from his wheelchair pushed by his father, Patrick John Hughes. Mitsubishi Electric has invested more than $9 million in various programs to help young people with disabilities, their families and communities. FD Recap 2009 Champions of Change - Raleigh  
October 21, 2009 News Reuters News Agency picked up the National Inclusion Project's win in the Christie Cookies contest. CITGO's Facebook page featured an opportunity for charities to win a gas card to help with their expenses. The N.I.P. won that as well. While it wasn't a contest, Clay's name came up in an item about famous people who attended or worked with the YMCA in their past. FD Recap 2009 News  
October 18, 2009 Christie Cookies Website After voting over a period of weeks at the Christie Cookies website, 'The National inclusion Project' took first place and the $10,000 prize! Sue O'Donnell, representing the company, appeared at the 'National Inclusion Project' Gala on Oct 17th to award the prize to co-founders Diane Bubel & Clay. That amount will fund one complete inclusive summer camp where children with varying abilities can share activities and fun. Fd Recap Events - National Inclusion Project  
October 17, 2009 Raleigh, NC The National Inclusion Project held its first gala under the new name in Raleigh. Linda Loveland acted at MC again. Awards were given to some fine people who demonstrate inclusion in their daily lives. Diane Bubel gave an inspirational address. Clay spoke to the assembled guests and performed four songs. Fd Recap 2009 Champions of Change - Raleigh  
October 17, 2009 Raleigh, NC The Live Auction is always a fun part of the Gala, with Clay playing "Auctioneer's Assistant'. The gray jacket from the 2004 Independent Tour drew a large donation as did the 'Day with Clay'. Imagine having a tour of Raleigh with Clay as your guide!!! The 'one and only' copy of 'Back For More', a fan favorite from the Jukebox Tour, is a treasure for its new owner. many wonderful items were donated for the Silent Auction as well. He sure has some talented fans! Fd Recap 2009 Champions of Change - Raleigh  
October 17, 2009 Raleigh, NC The National Inclusion Project held its first gala under the new name in Raleigh. Linda Loveland acted at MC again. Awards were given to some fine people who demonstrate inclusion in their daily lives. Diane Bubel gave an inspirational address. Clay spoke to the assembled guests and performed four songs. Fd Recap 2009 Champions of Change - Raleigh  
October 8, 2009 America's Giving Challenge Facebook page America's Giving Challenge: The national Inclusion Project was the first daily winner of bonus money from this new charity fund raising effort. The top two charities daily will win bonus money and the Top 7 overall fund raisers will also win bonuses. Supporters from a wide variety of causes participated. FD Recap   
October 4, 2009 National Inclusion Project Website The 'National Inclusion Project' (formerly the 'Bubel/Aiken Foundation') posted some updated information about the 2009 Wrapping for Inclusion (also included is an item from Carolina Newswire about that) and announced the date for the 2010 'Golfing for Inclusion' event. The organization was given a coveted 4 star rating by 'Charity Navigator', a group which evaluates how well any charity uses the funds they raise to support their specific cause. The N.I.P. should be proud of its accomplishments! FD Recap   
September 20, 2009 Newswire Today Sept. 20, 2009: "National Inclusion Project' announcement. The change of name for Clay’s foundation was announced through Newswire. No longer known as ‘The Bubel/Aiken Foundation’, Clay chose ‘National Inclusion Project’ as it more clearly identifies the work and ideals of the foundation. FD Recap   
August 27, 2009 Raleigh, NC August 21/09: A local Raleigh media site mentioned the foundation name change. This gorgeous photo of co-founders Clay and Diane Bubel was posted on the "National Inclusion Project' website. Fd Recap   
August 5, 2009  National Inclusion Project awards grant for Frost Valley YMCA Day Camp program  catskill mountain  
August 5, 2009 National Inclusion Project Website Aug. 5/09: The BAF becomes "The National Inclusion Project"! The foundation created by Clay & Diane Bubel in 2003 morphed into its new incarnation on this date. On the next page, you can read the open letter written by the co-founders explaining why the change has come to be. edit Delete caption I like this Fd Recap TBAF - The Bubel Aiken Foundation  
July 30, 2009  July 30/09 The Bubel Aiken Foundation celebrated the sixth anniversary of its founding by Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel. FD Recap National Inclusion Project  
July 1, 2009 Cleveland Jewish News and Naperville Sun Several summer comments referenced Clay's charity work. Myspacetv noted his work as a teacher and with the YMCA as well as the launch of the BAF in 2004. Two BAF inclusive summer camp projects were noted in Cleveland and Naperville. FD Recap Johns Hopkins University's National Center for Summer Learning  
June 8, 2009 North Carolina June 8/09 The director of a county-wide after-school program in North Carolina shared photos and information about a recent training session for her staff. They participated in a workshop in conjunction with the grant they got from the Bubel/Aiken Foundation through the "Let's All Play" inclusive summer camps initiative. Staff members tried out some typical children's summer camp activities, but with a twist. They used equipment that forced them to experience the activity as someone with a disability might do. Aron Hall of the BAF was commended for his excellent workshop with the staff, leaving them better prepared to interact with children of varying abilities. Fd Recap Let's ALL Play (Camp Gonzo)  
June 8, 2009 Including Samuel Website Bubel/Aiken Foundation 'Champions of Change' award winner Dan Habib has received funding from the foundation for the new resources section on his site "Including Samuel'. Working on behalf of his son and children everywhere, Dan is dedicated to the cause of inclusion. Check out his site at for information about his acclaimed documentary and much more! Fd Recap Including Samuel  
May 27, 2009 Atlanta, GA May 27/09 Golf Auction Dinner Winner's Report: The lucky fan who won the dinner with Clay at January's 'Golfing for Inclusion' auction posted a recap of her evening. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time! Fd Recap 2009 Golfing For Inclusion  
April 28, 2009 Clayonline website  Clay posted a link to a previously unreleased track called 'Just You'. He just asked that fans who downloaded it make a donation to the Bubel/Aiken Foundation. (The song had been one of the new pieces tested out during the 2005 Jukebox Tour.)  FD Recap 2009 News  
March 12, 2009  Fans found ways to support the Bubel/Aiken Foundation through charity fund raisers. Every donation helps to fund one of the summer "Let's ALL Play" camps or one of the BAF's other efforts to get out the message of inclusion. Fd Recap   
March 6, 2009  Mar. 6, 2009: The Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation announced its newest inclusion project, a joint venture with the BAF and the national Center for Summer Learning at Johns Hopkins University. The partnership would expand access to high-quality, inclusive summer learning opportunities for young people by developing a curriculum to help summer camps fully include youth with disabilities. Fd Recap Johns Hopkins University's National Center for Summer Learning  
February 19, 2009 Edupinion Website The 'Edupinion' on-line site put the BAF in its celebrity educational activism spotlight. Fd Recap   
February 15, 2009 BAF Website The BAF posted a 'Golfing For Inclusion' report. Over $100,000 was raised during the event to support upcoming BAF initiatives in 2009. FD Recap 2009 Golfing for Inclusion  
February 10, 2009 The Californian The Californian had an article about a grant in support of a Monterey County CA to introduce a 'Let's All Play' after-school program that will include children with and without disabilities.  FD Recap   
January 31, 2009  Poker star Greg Raymer is a supporter of the BAF. he played in another celebrity golf tournament for charity and earned $5000 for the Foundation! FD Recap 2009 News  
January 29, 2009 ICI website BAF and ICI develop a curriculum for schools. The program is called Together We Make a Difference FD Recap K-12 Service Learning Curriculum  
January 29, 2009 Miami Herald The Miami Herald had a short item about the 'Golfing for Inclusion' event.  FD Recap 2009 Golfing For Inclusion  
January 26, 2009 Mirasol Country Club, Palm Beach, FL Golfing for Inclusion FD Recap 2009 Golfing For Inclusion  
January 25, 2009 Mirasol Country Club, Palm Beach, FL As a prelude to the 'BAF Golfing For Inclusion' activities, Clay performed a min-concert for the members of the host country club, Mirasol.  FD Recap Out and about  
January 15, 2009  BAF grant winner - Dancing Wheels - their performances include dancers with disabilities integrated with those without disabilities. FD Recap Grant Info  
December 30, 2008 Look to the Stars website 'Look to the Stars' has a page the features Clay's charity work and a separate page from the Bubel/Aiken Foundation.  FD Recap Look to the Stars Look to the Stars Website 
December 27, 2008 Geraldo at Large: The Waiting List This show focused on the need for greater assistance for people with disabilities. Part of his show featured an interview with Clay about the Bubel/Aiken Foundation. FD Recap Fox News  
November 24, 2008 Press Release Clay Aiken's Bubel/Aiken Foundation Raises Over $500,000 to Benefit Children With Disabilities at Gala Honoring the 2008 'Champions Of Change'   2008 Champions of Change - Raleigh Clay Aiken's Bubel/Aiken Foundation Raises Over $500,000 to Benefit Children With Disabilities at Gala Honoring the 2008 'Champions Of Change'  
November 8, 2008 BAF Website The BAF Gala Report was posted. FD Recap 2008 Champions of Change - Raleigh  
October 18, 2008 BAF Gala Auction This lovely shot was part of a collage that was raffled off at the BAF Gala. It d FD Recap 2008 Champions of Change - Raleigh  
October 18, 2008 BAF Gala gift bag BAF's Christmas stories book, Remember When, was given out to gala attendees FD Recap 2008 Champions of Change - Raleigh  
October 18, 2008 Raleigh, NC The Bubel Aiken Foundation held its annual Gala in Raleigh, NC. With raffles, video, auctions and a special performance by Clay FD Recap 2008 Champions of Change - Raleigh  
October 18, 2008 BAF Gala Auction, Raleigh, NC  During the silent and open bidding auctions, money was raised to support programs of the BAF.  FD Recap 2008 Champions of Change - Raleigh  
June 3, 2008 BAF Website TBAF Grants Posted FD Recap Grant Info  
April 21, 2008 Gather website Gather website hosted an interview that focused on his work with UNICEF and the Bubel Aiken Foundation FD Recap Videos and Webisodes  
March 27, 2008 BAF Website Update about their Golfing for Inclusion event FD Recap  2008 Golfing for Inclusion 
March 11, 2008 Press Release by BAF The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, co- founded by entertainer Clay Aiken, announced over $500,000 in grants to support programs nationwide as part of the Foundation's Let's ALL Play program.  Grant Info The Bubel/Aiken Foundation Gives Grants over $500,000 to Programs across the Nation 
January 7, 2008 Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach, FL TBAF held it's first Golfing for Inclusion event FD Recap Golfing for Inclusion  
November 12, 2007 Greensboro, NC Clay attended a conference on Exceptional Children. He was a surprise guest who spoke on behalf of TBAF. FD Recap   
November 1, 2007 Are you smarter than a fifth Grader? Clay appeared on "Are you smarter than a fifth Grader?" He competed on the first ever celebrity edition of the show and his goal was to earn money for The Bubel Aiken foundation. He earned 300,000 dollars...enough to fund 30 summer camps. FD Recap Are you smarter than a fifth grader?  
October 1, 2007 BAF Website BAF newsletter announced some upcoming events including Clay's appearance on "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?" and the Wrapping for Inclusion dates.  FD Recap   
October 1, 2007 BAF Website BAF announces "Golfing for Inclusion" to take place on January 7, 2008. FD Recap 2008 Golfing for Inclusion  
August 31, 2007 Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Clay taped his appearance on "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?". He played for the Bubel Aiken Foundation FD Recap Are you smarter than a fifth grader?  
August 29, 2007 Read on Wisconsin's online book club "Our Friend Mikayla" was chosen as the featured book. FD Recap Our Friend Mikayla  
July 31, 2007 UPI News Release Alex Cukan wrote this article about Clay's work with BAF   Caregiving: Clay Aiken to expand camps  
March 31, 2007 Raleigh, NC The Bubel Aiken Foundation held it's Champions of Change gala FD Recap 2007 Champions of Change - Raleigh  
December 11, 2006 Lower Nazareth Elementary School Clay visited the school to read "Our Friend Mikayla" to the students who wrote it. He also arranged for the students to ride in a limousine FD Recap Our Friend Mikayla  
May 20, 2006  TBAF sponsored it's first book, Our Friend Mikayla FD Recap Our Friend Mikayla  
March 23, 2006 Hobart Family YMCA  Diane Bubel and Kristy Barnes of TBAF appeared at the Hobart Family YMCA in Hobart, Indiana, to announce an expansion of Camp Gonzo  Let's ALL Play (Camp Gonzo) Pilot program opens camp to all preschoolers 
March 22, 2006 KIT Conference KIT stands for Kids Included Together, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded in San Diego, California in 1997. The mission of Kids Included Together is to support recreational, child development, and youth development programs that include children with and without disabilities.    TBAF Awards Grant to Sponsor Kids Included Together Conference  
July 31, 2005 French Canadian magazine There were some interesting pieces of print media including a piece about Camp Gonzo in a French Canadian magazine Fd Recap 2005 News  
April 16, 2005 Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  The Bubel Aiken Foundation held a Voices for Change Gala FD Recap 2005 Voices for Change Gala - Ft. Lauderdale Florida  
April 16, 2005 Broward Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale Florida Clay was invited to be a guest speaker at the Fearless Caregiver Conference Clay was presented with the Robert M. Barg Memorial Achievement Award. FD Recap Fearless Caregiver Conference  
April 16, 2005 Hollywood, Florida. Clay took part in activities surrounding National Youth Service Day. This is an annual weekend event that features children and teens volunteering in their communities. Clay joined young people with intellectual disabilities and their Best Buddies in the planting of trees FD Recap Youth Service America  
April 11, 2005 Miami Herald Newspaper Florida Voices for Change Gala article FD Recap 2005 Voices for Change Gala - Ft. Lauderdale Florida  
February 28, 2005 Honolulu, Hawaii Clay was a guest speaker at the 2005 Pacific Rim Conference.  FD Recap PAC RIM 2005 Conference  
February 25, 2005 Honolulu, Hawaii The Bubel Aiken Foundation held a Voices for Change gala in Hawaii in conjunction with the 21st Annual Pacific Rim Conference on Disabilities. FD Recap 2005 Voices for Change Gala - Hawaii  
November 20, 2004 Los Angeles County Museum of Art Clay and the Bubel Aiken foundation celebrated World Children's Day with an art event at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).  FD Recap Ability First  
November 19, 2004 Los Angeles, CA The Bubel Aiken Foundation sponsored the Voices for Change gala benefit dinner. FD Recap 2004 Voices for Change - Los Angeles  
September 30, 2004 Release Party for the Aladdin DVD DisneyHand presented BAF with a check for 50,000. FD Recap Disney Hand  
September 22, 2004 Catamaran Resort, San Diego, CA  September 22-24 - After the Bell Rings, A National Conference on Inclusion Catamaran Resort, San Diego, CA (858) 794-8154 8:30 a.m. –5:30 p.m. each day Come to beautiful San Diego and learn to create an organizational culture that welcomes children of all levels of ability in programs that take place in out-of-school time. From strategy, to implementation you will acquire the tools you need. This conference is hosted by Kids Included Together (KIT) and sponsored by the Bubel/Aiken Foundation.   Calendar of Events 
September 20, 2004 Solo Tour sponsorship Buena Vista Home Entertainment also became the title sponsor of Clay's first tour. Disney also supported the Bubel Aiken Foundation, Make-A-Wish and Disney Hands charities at the concerts. edi FD Recap Disney Hand  
July 16, 2004 North Concord, North Carolina  The Bubel Aiken Foundation raised enough money to pay for 10 weeks of camp combined in Concord, Raleigh, and Kansas City.  FD Recap Camp Gonzo  
July 2, 2004  Clay lent his voice to the Arthur Celebrity Audiobook Stories for Heroes Series.  FD Recap Events - Other charities  
June 5, 2004 Dover, Delaware Clay performed at a benefit for the Autism Society of Delaware and the Bubel Aiken Foundation. FD Recap Autism Society of Delaware  
May 28, 2004 BAF website Clay Aiken's Bubel/Aiken Foundation Announces Grant Winners  Grant Info  
May 14, 2004 Blades Magazine On 5/14/04 Blades Magazine had an article about Clay's skating day for the Bubel Aiken Foundation FD Recap Blades  
April 18, 2004 Washington, D.C. The Bubel Aiken Foundation and Youth Service America gave 25 young people with disabilities Able to Serve awards. FD Recap Youth Service America  
April 15, 2004 Hallmark's Kaleidoscope in Kansas City, MO Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel joined Kansas City kids for a private art session at Hallmark's "Kaleidoscope".  FD Recap Hallmark Kaleidoscope  
April 14, 2004 Kansas City, MO This was a benefit dinner in Kansas City, MO. Larry Moore, A Kansas City newscaster received the Champions of Change Award. FD Recap 2004 Champions of Change Benefit - Kansas City  
March 15, 2004 Winston Salem, NC After a sold out concert the previous night, Clay did an autograph session at a local Krispy Kreme donut shop in Winston-Salem. Sales during his visit went to the Bubel Aiken Foundation. FD Recap Krispy Kreme  
February 15, 2004 Daily Times Paper This February article is about a visit Clay paid to a manufacturing firm in connection with his Foundation. FD Recap 2004 News  
December 22, 2003 Crabtree Mall  Clay appeared at the local Crabtree mall for WRAL's Welcome Home celebration. He brought Raleigh with him and showed her off to the crowd. Fd Recap Skate with Clay and Hurricane's Kids N Community Foundation  
December 22, 2003 Raleigh, NC The Carolina Hurricanes and the Bubel Aiken Foundation held a fundraiser FD Recap Skate with Clay and Hurricane's Kids N Community Foundation  
December 21, 2003 RBC Center, Raleigh, NC On 12/21/03 Clay and the Bubel Aiken foundation had a "Skate with Clay" day. This was part of the TBAF awareness and fundraising event with the Carolina Hurricanes.  FD Recap Skate with Clay and Hurricane's Kids N Community Foundation  
August 6, 2003 Raleigh, NC During the Raleigh stop on the AI tour, Clay and his partner, Diane Bubel, participated in a press conference announcing the official start of the Bubel Aiken Foundation. They also accepted a check from a dedicated group of fans who had done fundraising for the organization.  FD Recap Founding BAF  
July 28, 2003 Rockefeller Center, New York, NY Opened bank account at new Wachovia branch in NY FD Recap Founding BAF  
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