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Clay's Run for Congress - 2014

 Campaign Announcement for ClayFeb 5, 2014

It had been rumored but on Feb 5, 2014, Clay announced his candidacy for congressman from North Carolina district 02.  His campaign, Clay for North Carolina, posted a five minute introduction video.  Clay discussed his background growing up, including his mother and him taking refuge in a friend's house.  That house was the setting for the video.  He also discussed his rationale for taking this step and that he hoped to be a bipartisan candidate, representing all the people in the district.  For more information and to see the video, go to . 
News and Observer Article
Feb 5, 2014

Interview with Raleigh News & Observer

Clay discussed his thoughts about his candidacy and politics.  He said "I think that Washington is....dysfunctional."  He said that he was not changed by Hollywood and would not be changed by Washington.  He emphasized that he was not a politician - that it would not be a career for him.  Clay said "A representative should do just that.  I'm into representing people."  He recalled an 8th grade assignment to interview someone they admired.  While most students chose teachers or other close adults, he interviewed former NC governor Terry Sanford.  Clay said that Sanford understood how important education was to the state.  He tries to emulate Sanford in his current thoughts.

To watch this video interview, go here:
The Last Word on MSNBC
Feb 5, 2014

 Clay appeared as a guest on Lawrence O'Donnell's political talk show "The Last Word" on MSNBC. O'Donnell was highly complimentary of Clay's introduction video, saying "That is as personal an opening statement as I've ever heard in a political candidacy." He also thought Clay was off to a great start in his campaign. They discussed that all politics are local; O'Donnell thought Clay did a great job on that point in his video.  He asked whether Clay was tough enough for Congress since O'Donnell said that Penn Jillette (his good friend) said Clay was the nicest, politest guy he knew.  Clay emphasized he was tough enough.    Clay mentioned texting with Penn at the break before the interview.

To see the clip from the show, go to:
Interview with Marlow Artis and Pep Talk to Teachers
Feb 9, 2014 

Clay was interviewed by Marlow Artis, a North Carolina teacher who writes the Tar Heel Teachers blog. Clay discussed his teaching experience. He also talked about taking one of his teachers on a Unicef trip to Afghanistan. After the interview, he boarded a bus taking teachers to Raleigh. The teachers were participating in the Moral March on Raleigh, a peaceful protest of current NC government policies. Clay brought doughnuts and gave a rousing pep talk to the teachers before they left.

To read the blog about this interview and see the video, go to: 
Human Rights Campaign Gala
Feb 22, 2014

19th Annual Human Rights Campaign Gala

Clay attended the HRC Gala in Charlotte, NC. He mingled with and took pictures with many people there. Among the people he met were Bob Williams and Mitchell Gold, co-founders of Design By Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, an NC-based furniture store. In addition, Mitchell is known as the author of the book "Crisis: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social, and Religious Pain and Trauma of Growing Up Gay in America." 

Filing for candidacy
Feb 27, 2014

Official Papers Filed With the North Carolina Board of Elections. There were many cameras and supporters present.  Clay's mother, Faye Parker, and his former teachers stood by his side. After filing, Clay gave a brief interview.  To watch snippets of the filing and interview, go to: . There were many cameras and supporters present.  Clay's mother, Faye Parker, and his former teachers stood by his side. After filing, Clay gave a brief interview.  To watch snippets of the filing and interview, go to: 
Reading to students at JS Waters School in Goldston
March 4, 2014

Clay participated in the J. S. Waters School "Read-a thon." He read the classic story "The Zax" by Dr. Seuss. Later, on March 13, he emailed supporters about the experience. He talked with the students about the moral of the story, which was about two stubborn Zaxes, one going north, one South, each refusing to budge for the other due to pride and stubbornness. He made an analogy to the current situation in congress, where there is often a refusal to compromise.
Tour of Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, NC March 19, 2014

Clay toured Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC, then met with military spouses about their concerns, which included health care and finding work.  For the full article go to: